All Star Game Snubs

The All Star game is right around the corner in Anaheim and there are some players who are not going to the All Star game that should be. They got snubbed out by the managers and by the fans who should have done something about it. Here is the list: 

Joey Votto stroking a big fly

1. Joey Votto – 1st Baseman Cincinnati Reds 

…The guy is batting 318 with 21 homers (hit 2 tonight against the Mets. Look below to see video) and has an on base percentage of over .400 at .418. Votto leads the league in OPS. He’s second in on-base percentage and slugging. He’s in the top five in all three Triple Crown categories. He’s arguably the MVP in the whole league. How does this guy not make it? Omar Infante makes it? This is ridiculous. He is a main reason why the Reds are in First Place and why their offense has been so productive… 

Weaver finishing off one of his 124 strikeout victims2. Jered Weaver – Starting Pitcher for Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 

…The kid is 8-3 with a 2.82 ERA but that is not even it. He has thrown 108 innings and has 124 strikeouts to go with it and only 26 walks and a opponet batting average of .217. Those are Cy Young numbers and the All Star game is in his own home town. What are they thinking… 

"The King" ruling the mound.

3. Felix “King” Hernandez – Starting Pitcher for Seattle Mariners 

…The King has literally been the King of the Hill. 3 complete games, 1 shutout but it gets better. He has thrown 128 innings and has 122 strikeouts with an ERA at 3.01. Here is the reason he doesn’t make it. His record is 6-5. Why does this league think wins matter? They are not the most important thing. He leads the league in quality starts. Jamie Moyer has 9 wins, does that mean he is better than Felix Hernandez. So does Tyler Clippard. What is baseball coming to… 

Konerko watches 1 of his 20 homers leave the yard

4. Paul Konerko 

…The guy has been the MVP for the White Sox all year-long. He is second in the league in home runs with 20. Lead the whole month of April and May with slugging percentage and home run total. Has an on base percentage of .386 which is well above average in the league. I forgot, he doesn’t play for the New York Bankees. I am sorry… 

This is how the Youk gets on base

5. Kevin Youkilis 

…I am no big Boston fan but I will have to say he does deserve to make the team compared to Alex Rodriguez. Youk has a higher on base percentage of .416 compared to Alex’s .344. He has more home runs at 17 and has a higher batting average by 20 points at .299. Whoever is the better offense player should go to the games. In this case, it isn’t Kevin Youkilis for Boston… 

The kid throwing gas from the mound

6. Mat Latos 

..I understand, the Padres stink right? Wrong! They are the best team in the West and it all has come down to their pitching. Mat Latos has been a flame thrower out there. He has more wins than most people at 9-4. He has a 2.82 ERA. Opponent batting average is .193. Has a complete game shutout as well as 99 innings and 91 strikeouts on a first place team where he has come out of no where. He deserves this over some of the starters on that list. He plays for San Diego not the Yankees, I forgot… 

A true rookie slugger

7. Brennan Boesch 

…You are asking yourself, Who??? That is exactly right. The rookie Left Fielder has played in enough games to be considered an all-star. He has played in 60. Has an on base percentage of .398 with 12 homers and an average of .344. He leads the rookies in almost every single category and he is not in the game but Jayson Heyward is in there who is by the way still on the DL. Heyward is batting almost a hundred points lower and has less homers but his on base percentage is about the same. The key is everyone in the baseball world hyped up Jayson’s name so everyone voted for the best outfield prospect instead of the right one in this situation. I can’t believe he didn’t make it because of his name… 

There is still time to vote for these players until tomorrow night, but even if one or two of them make it to the games, it is still unjust because they all should have made it. 

These players got Snubbed!

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One Comment on “All Star Game Snubs”

  1. BriDwy Says:

    First off. Why do they let people pick the players? I understand the people watch the games, but do the people pick the commercial’s they’re going to see? no. Everyone will go to the all-star game or watch it on tv because it’s the all-star game. But now a days the all star game is not really a game to watch. The commisioner changed the rules to giving the winning team home field advantage to make up for the massive “play every player so they don’t feel bad” fest. Pete Rose use to give pump up speeches saying, Let’s beat the AL because they’re a pieces of crap. That’s not happening since everyone hops leagues and teams like it’s nobody’s business. All these players are getting shafted. Why? Mostly because their organizations aren’t that main stream. Plus where is all the money? THE BANKEES and New York. I still hate how almost every play plays a handful of innings. When they go into extra’s they have no one left. They should just make the game 9 innings and after that they should switch the game to a wiffle ball outing. No one really cares anymore.

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