Update on NBA Free Agency

Since July 1st, the NBA Free Agent Market has gone crazy just like the New York Stock Market. Here is why:

UPDATE: Amare Stoudemire signs with the New York Knicks. 

Stoudemire now in the Orange and Blue with the media

The New York Knicks reached an agreement in principle Monday with free agent Amare Stoudemire after receiving assurances it would not be an impediment to their pursuit of LeBron James.

The All-Star forward will receive a five-year, $99.7 million contract that will reunite him with coach Mike D’Antoni.

“The fact that Amare really wanted to come here and stepped up front, it got to the point that we had to acknowledge that,” team president Donnie Walsh said. “That means something to us.”

…That is exactly right Donnie. Someone who wants to be here in New York. Although the injuries and the hot-head of Amare can get in the way of this deal, there is no doubt that this guy can play. Averaging over 20 points a game while with D’Antoni in Phoneix while become an All-Star this year along with First Team All NBA honors with the likes of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. That means something to me. I think he will fit right in with the New York System, will increase their rebounding total and will be an impact to this team in winning a lot more games and brining the Empire back to the Knickerbockers…

…But now the question is where does David Lee go?

Where does David go now?

The Double Double machine for the Knicks wants a deal that will land him some money and some success at the same time. I for one, am a huge David Lee fan because of his toughness and overall game, but if Amare meant getting rid of David Lee then I am quite sad. He was a great player for New York while he was here 5 years, was the face of the Franchise, and a fan favorite. It will be hard to lose a 20ppg and 15 rpg type guy. Maybe Lebron James can finally make up his mind and be the face of the Knicks franchise.

Oh would that be a miracle. We shall see…

For more up to the minute New York Knicks Free Agent news go to The Knicks Blog and Zagsblog for the best coverage in New York.

Other signings:

Joe Johnson signs a max deal and stays with the Atlanta Hawks

Paul Pierce wants to live out his own legacy and stays put with the Boston Celtics.

Dirk Nowitzki stays on in Dallas with Mark Cuban leading the way.

Lakers agree to a four year deal with point guard Steve Blake.

Suns look to a new direction and sign forward Hakim Warrick.

After a hot second half, John Salmons signs a big deal to stay in Milwaukee with the Bucks.

Bucks also aquired Drew Gooden to fulfill the rebounding hole for next season.

Rudy Gay doesn’t test the Free Agent market and stays with the young guns of the Memphis Grizzles.

The one that intrigues me the most is the Rudy Gay signing.

Rudy is a happy man after re-signing with the Grizz

I know so many teams that really were going to pursue him if he didn’t resign with the Grizzles. He stayed put and will be the leader of a young but very talented team. I like to see that in a young player. He wasn’t looking for the money but saw that the team was growing and developing and wanted to be a part. That is something you do not see now a days. Players are moving from right to left and don’t do anything about it. This signing really made me happy and I think the Grizzles will be dangerous next year. Everyone better watch out…

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3 Comments on “Update on NBA Free Agency”

  1. BriDwy Says:

    I’m upset the Knicks got Amare. If they can’t follow it up with another big star, they’re in big trouble. It seems at this point that they’re losing more than their gaining. Losing Lee is almost like losing the entire Knicks team since he did all the dirty work. Amare HAS to stay healthy. But think about it, since when have the Knicks ever gotten lucky with a star playing being signed or traded for in the past few years? The Starbury era of Knicks basketball may return.

  2. Update on NBA Free Agency…

    I found your entry interesting so I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. babytyche08 Says:

    Rudy resigning with his team, Dirk resigning with Dallas and Amare going to New York. A lot has changed , but the biggest decision still hasn’t been made. Where will the king play.

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