Wild Walk Off Day

Today was Wild Walk Off Day in the world of baseball.

Colorado 9 run inning rally to defeat the Cardinals 12-9.

Johnny Damon walk off home run in the 11th to defeat the Orioles 7-5.

Nationals Ryan Zimmerman hits a walk off home run to defeat the Padres 6-5.

Braves score 3 with clutch hits from Prado and Hinske in the 11th to defeat the Phillies 6-3.

There were so many walk off home runs. Seth Smith hit one for the Rockies to cap off the ninth, Damon in the 11th hit a bomb, and Ryan Zimmerman hit his second of the night to lead the Nationals. I have not seen that in a very long time. To see that many walk offs means that baseball is competitive and the games are close. The teams are really battling even when some teams like the Orioles are already out of it. I like to see that fight in teams. Baseball has been very entertaining and very enjoyable this year. There have been a lot of good games and story lines…

Ryan Franklin upset after blown save

…The Rockies and Cardinals game was the craziest walk off because the Cardinals were up by 6 in the ninth inning. Ryan Franklin came in and couldn’t get the last out of the game due to poor defense and lack of a shut out pitch. He let up 6 hits and 6 runs in the inning. Why didn’t the Cardinals take him out or put someone else who could have closed it out? That confused me the most. But you have to give credit to the Rockies for fighting hard and coming back to tie it and ultimately win the game. They had the fight and showed to old teammate Matt Holliday that they can still win without him…

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