Update on NBA Free Agency

Here are some updates on recent player signings:

Carlos Boozer will join Derrick Rose and play in Chicago.

Brendan Haywood will stay with the Mavericks and sign a 6 year deal.

Hot shooting guard Ray Allen re-sgins with the Celtics for 2 years and reunites the Big Three.

Travis Outlaw signs with the New Jersey Nets for 5 years.

Raymond Felton signs with the New York Knicks for 2 years.

Restricted Free Agent Wesley Matthews signed a 5 year deal with the Trail Blazers.

Point Guard Chris Duhon signs with the Orlando Magic for 5 years.

Dorrell Wright goes back to California and signs with the Warriors.

Kyle Korver joins Boozer in Chicago to help shoot

Big man Johan Petro agrees to deal with New Jersey Nets

…The most interesting about these contracts is they are almost all 5 or 6 year deals. Why are they so big? The answer is because of cap space. That is the name of the game in the NBA. To save cap space you give the person more years so you can save more money. It is smart but then it is also not smart because what if you have to keep the player for those six years, then it will be harder to dump the player when the next free agency period comes up. It is very interesting…

…The deal that intrigues me the most out of all of these is Carlos Boozer deal. How much is he going to help the Bulls. They really need more depth in the backcourt than the font court. With Noah, Gibson, Miller, and Johnson, is adding Boozer a big help? I don’t think so. I think he is a nice piece but he isn’t the free agent they really needed. They needed more of a Wade or a Lebron type player ever since losing out on scoring threat Ben Gordon…

…The rest of the pack is pretty much back-up players in the NBA besides Allen and Matthews. They are still important because these moves still build rosters and builds teams depth and strengths coming into the season. And looking from here, the Jazz have to do a lot of work losing out Boozer, Matthews, and Korver while the Nets keep adding to their young team…

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