MLB All Star Week: Home Run Derby

In the past few home run derby’s, the best performance doesn’t win. Examples are 2008, Josh Hamilton’s hits a record of 28 homers in the first round at Yankee stadium and the winner of the derby was Justin Morneau. In 2006, David Wright hit 16 in the first round and made a name for himself but Ryan Howard won that year. In 2003, Albert Pujols hits 14 in the second round but lost to none other than Garret Anderson. No one remembers these guys winning but everyone remembers the show that the other players put on from that home run derby. So what would happen this year?

On Monday, The Home Run Derby stuck Angel Stadium and not many big bats entered the tournament besides David Ortiz, Miguel Cabrera, and Matt Holliday. The random participants were Nick Swisher, Chris Young, and Hanley Ramirez.

The first round started off with Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Corey Hart hitting 13 homers right off the bat. Then Swisher hit 4, Wells hit 2, C.Young hit 1. Right from there, you knew that it wasn’t going to be an interesting derby.

Then after the first round, Red Sox DH David Ortiz started to heat up and hit 13 in that round. Hanley Ramirez would follow-up with 11 homers and it would be a final between the battle of youth versus experience. However, Ortiz was too much for the young Hanley and hit 11 in the final round with a total of 32 to win the Derby.

Here is the list:

Player Team Round 1 Round 2 Subtotal Finals Total
David Ortiz Boston 8 13 21 11 32
Hanley Ramírez Florida 9 12 21 5 26
Corey Hart Milwaukee 13 0 13 13
Miguel Cabrera Detroit 7 5 12 12
Matt Holliday St. Louis 5 5 5
Nick Swisher New York (AL) 4 4 4
Vernon Wells Toronto 2 2 2
Chris Young Arizona 1 1 1

David Ortiz must have been using his juices to hit out those homers or he must be really good at slow pitch softball because he fisted so many out of there. Granted, he did blast some out of the yard easily but it looked like he wasn’t even trying and it was flying off his bat. To be a .183 hitter with one home run to a 17 home run guy and .280 hitter in over two months is one of the most drastic changes I have ever seen in baseball. While his swing may look sweet now,  I really think this will affect his swing come the next couple of months…

…Couple of other notes to mention is Holliday hit the farthest home run at 497, a moon shot which was extremely impressive. Give it up to Corey Hart who, like David Ortiz, struggled early but has found his stroke and is a leader. To hit 13 in a round is really impressive and that was the most in a round since his teammate Prince Fielder in 2009 had 11…

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