2010 All Star game helmets

What was going on in the All Star Game. Did anyone look at the helmets? They were Huge!!!! 

Players wore the big helmets during All Star Game


…I understand why they wore these helmets. 1. It is a great marketing time to do it. The All Star game, everyone is watching, and try something new to appeal to people. 2. To save the players from getting hit from all the pitchers in the game who threw 95-100 mph fastballs… 

…I think that it really helped the players become more safe and get more marketing of this helmet out during the All Star game but it definitely affected the players swing except for David Wright (Below) who has worn that helmet before. That is why the game was so low scoring at 3-1. If the players would have worn other helmets, then I would think the final score would be completely different… 

…Finally, these helmets may be safe but are horrible to look at and they affect the game. I like that they used them in a game where it doesn’t matter but if they used them during the regular season, I for one would be very upset. Very strange appearance in the All Star game…

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