Justin Bieber Mocks Tom Brady’s Hair

Similar Hair Style??

Via ESPNBoston:

Even Justin Bieber is making fun of Tom Brady‘s hair.

The New England Patriots quarterback’s long locks have been mocked for resembling that of the teen pop sensation — and now Bieber himself is piling on.

In a video posted by Bieber late Wednesday, he raps: “Sacked like a sacker. Call up Mr. Brady. Tell him to leave his hair to the guy who sings ‘Baby.'”


…I find this hilarious. Bieber who is just a kid, is making fun of Tom Brady who has been an All-Pro football player for so many years. I understand that they both have the same hair style, but I am just so shocked and disheartened at the fact that a young kid like Bieber would mock a much older guy like Tom Brady. To me it is hilarious but at the same time disrespectful. I am no Tom Brady fan as many people know, but I will say that this kind of stuff is really what pop culture and our society really deals with everyday. I hope Tom Brady gets an apology from Justin in the near future. If he doesn’t, then I think this is just plain wrong. Funny like a bunny, but wrong. Let’s see how Justin and Tom handle this in the next few days…

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