The NFL is complete Bologna, cheese, and ham


…This is so stupid. You are going to suspend players for playing hard and hitting hard. Back in the day they didn’t have helmets. They had just leather hats. How bout the Steelers hard hitting defense back in the day or the dominant pass rushers like a Lawrence Taylor or a Too Tall Jones. They played the game with passion and with hits. Ray Lewis is another guy who I love to watch cause he plays with so much energy. Are you going to tell me you are going to suspend players for doing their job? This is bogus and I think the NFL has turned from the “Macho Men” league to the “Pansises” league. As NFL analyst Rodney Harrison said, the NFL needs “to take of their skirts” and put on some pants. I think they have gone to far. Before you know it, if you touch someone there will be a flag and 15 yards. What has this sport come to…

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