Former Fordham Player Michael Haynes drafted by Iowa Energy in 4th round 2010 NBDL draft

Haynes is 14th all time in Rams scoring with 1,228 points

Michael Haynes was part of a Fordham team in the days when Fordham Basketball was not at it’s best from 2001-2004. In his Junior year he averaged 15 pts and 8 rebounds a game and in his Senior year he averaged 18 pts and 7 rebounds a game. He was a very good shooter and power forward. He then wanted to get drafted or play in the NBA and went through a lot of training in the NBA Summer League with Phoenix, Atlanta, and Chicago. He was not able to latch on to any of those teams so he decided to play in Europe but still felt he could play in the NBA one day.

The 28-year-old Haynes enjoyed his prime years away from home. He played seven season overseas. He’s had stints in Israel, Spain, Poland, France and Germany. He averaged over 10 pts a game and a little over 5 rebounds. Over the summer of 2009, he played in the Nike Pro City league.  He scored 36 points on 13-of-18 shooting from the field. On Monday, He just got drafted in the 2010 NBDL draft in the the 4th round by the Iowa Energy which is a team affiliated with the Bulls and the Suns.

If he works hard enough, he might be able to make an NBA roster which has always been his dream. But if he doesn’t, he will still be happy with what he has accomplished in life. He says:

“I’m playing basketball, doing what I love to do,” he said. “That’s all that matters. I get a chance to see the world. If it wasn’t for basketball, I would never have gone to Europe. I’m happy with my life.”

Even with his age, he still feels like he can be the player he once was at Fordham. He wants to be that leader on the floor and play for a team that will win. Let’s see what happens throughout the season and if he can get that call from an NBA team to play on in an NBA game. Best of luck to Mike as he tries to turn a dream and a journey into reality.

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….I have known Mike for 4 years of my life and I can honestly say this guy has taught me so much about basketball and how to play the game. I remember working out with him during Derek Whittenburg’s Summer Camps and he would help me with my post moves, my passing, and my conditioning. He always knew what it would be like to work at your hardest and strive for the best. I remember talking to him and sitting at lunch in the summer. We would talk about the game and how much different it is in Europe compared to the United States. He even told me as a Junior in High School, I can become a solid player and a bench player on my High School team at Fordham Prep. I made one of the cuts, but couldn’t make the final one. He still asks me how I did not play any High School ball because of how much my game reminds him of his when he was in High School. My all-time favorite memory of Mike is when he taught me how to do the “Chicken-wing” move in the low post to score. I have used it ever since and it has enhanced my game like no other. Just talking about Michael puts a smile on my face because of how much he wants to succeed and be the best and now he has another shot at doing that. I wish him the best of luck and sometimes we still stay in contact. Good Luck Haynes, you’re still a Fordham great…

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