Arizona Cardinals are a mess and it starts with the QB

The Arizona Cardinals are a huge mess. After losing 6 in a row and starting the season at 3-2, they have been nothing but ridiculous. They have switched Quarterbacks week in and week out, defeat the defending Super Bowl champs, and have had seriously no offense or defense since week 5. So why so hot and cold? Well let me just say this is no surprise.

It all started with the Quarterback play. They find out that their key to success the past few years, Kurt Warner will be retiring and will not be playing football again. This opened the door for Matt Leinart. Matt was 7-10 in starts for the Cardinals and was looking to create and new image for this new Cardinals team who lost so many players besides Warner. What happened was Whisenhunt and Leinart were not on the same page and he gets released after the preseason. He did have good preseason numbers it was just that he wore out his welcome in Arizona. He then has signed a contract with the Houston Texans and has rode the bench the whole season.

They then signed Derek Anderson in the offseason to try to revitalize his career on the Cardinals with his big arm and big play abilities after being released from the Browns. He comes into the team and has been nothing but inconsistent and turnover prone. He has had 7 TD’s and 9 INT’s with 24 sacks and a QB rating of 68.2. He has been a mess and his explosion to the press on Monday when his team lost to the 49ers doesn’t make his situation better.

When Anderson was not working out, Whisenhunt went to the undrafted Free Agent rookie from BYU, Max Hall, to try to save the season and bring the team to more consistency. Well what happened was he had only 1 TD and 4 costly INT that lead to his destruction. Not to mention, he suffered a concussion and  a few head shots against the Saints and the Seahawks. The organization loves his energy, emotion, and passion for the game but with a weak arm and poor decision-making it is hard to be able to stay in the league this long. He still sits as the 2nd string QB for the remainder of the season.

Now that the Cardinals have tried out two quarterbacks, they should try out a third right? They have rookie, John Skelton from Fordham University but they decide to not even try him out. Ken Whisenhunt thinks the kid is a year away from being productive and from playing in the system. Skelton had a fantastic first preseason game against the Texans where he completing five of six passes for 84 yards, leading Arizona to two late touchdowns as the Cardinals defeated the Houston Texans, 19-16, in Glendale. Instead they leave him inactive and sitting on the bench (VIDEO BELOW).

Now to the Solution. With all of this happening so far this year and five games left, who does Coach Whisenhunt turn to? He turns to Derek Anderson who embarrassed himself and the team on Monday night.

I just ask the question, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? This move makes no sense. Including the statement made by Coach today,

As hard as it is to say, I have seen Derek in here working his tail off,” Whisenhunt said. “He’s in here every morning. He’s committed to trying to get better. I have seen improvement over the last few weeks. I think he gives us the best chance to win right now.”

As hard as it is to say for you? Are you serious Coach? He needs to be gone! You are playing for 2011 and not for 2010. Stop playing a guy who will not be in your system next year and play the kids who will be in your system for years to come.

But that’s not only what Coach Whisenhunt said this week. He spoke about the fans wanting to see 5th round draft pick John Skelton play in the coming weeks and he says,

“He’s a young guy, hasn’t gotten a lot of reps, and you run the risk of damaging a young player when you put him there to play,” the coach said. “I have very high hopes for John and his future. His time is going to come. I can’t say that won’t happen at some point this year, but right now I don’t think it’s the direction you want to go.”

Coach, do you understand that the only way to get better in the league is to actually play the game. Are you saying you are going to hurt John if he doesn’t play? That is ridiculous. Let me give you a few examples of guys coming in and succeeding. Does Tom Brady, Chad Pennington, Joe Flacco, Kerry Collins, or even a guy like Tyler Thigpen ring a bell? These guys came from the bottom of their bench and have succeeded into successful wins or even leading their teams to the playoffs. You have to give the kid a chance.

I read that John Skelton is going to be better than Joe Flacco during the NFL Draft. When I read that and I have seen John play since he was freshman and Fordham, I knew this kid was the real deal. He has great arm strength, accuracy, pocket awareness, and can read the defense well. But they don’t want to play the kid. It is upsetting cause I know John and have watched him play and I know that he would succeed from the gecko. I understand that Coach wants to preserve the talent and the ability of John to keep him at the top of his game, but if he never plays, how can he get better? If Derek Anderson plays the rest of the season, the Cardinals team will be losing respect, fans, and they will be losing talent that can be produced on the field like Larry Fitzgerald. But hey, “They are who we thought they were.”

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