John Skelton played in first game in 19-6 loss to St. Louis Rams

Remember when I was writing it is about time to start playing John Skelton on this website? Well, it finally happened.

Yesterday in Arizona, John played in the fourth quarter in their loss to the St. Louis Rams. Skelton entered the game when fellow rookie quarterback Max Hall was injured while being sacked early in the fourth quarter. On his first pass attempt in the NFL was on a 3rd and 16. He threw a 22 yard strike to Steve Breaston to get the first down. The next play he throws a 19 yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald for another first down. The next few plays were penalized and the drive was stalled.

Here is video of his first complete pass:

John Skelton ended up 3-for-6 for 45 yards on the day. But with Derek “It’s Fine” Anderson under going tests for a concussion and Max Hall likely out for the year with a seperated shoulder, Coach Whisenhunt ended up declining to say what will happen with the position.

“I don’t know right now (who will start),” Whisenhunt said. “We’ll see how it goes this week.”

 Still, the coach would not rule out the team signing a quarterback and giving him the starting nod.

“It happened to us a couple of years ago,” Whisenhunt, “… It’s difficult, yes, but I think you have to look at what you’re working with. Is the guy somebody that has been around the NFL before? Is he somebody that’s played?”

…Well Coach, I will tell you exactly what to do. Start John Skelton next week against Denver. He showed poise, confidence, and a cannon when he came in. He has only practiced with the first team on 8 plays all year and looked good when passing to Larry Fitzgerald. I seriously see big things in this kid. I know that learning on the sideline is better than coming into the game and getting beat up, but sometimes you need to get beat up before you learn how to become a stud. Now I am not saying he needs to turn into a David Carr, Matt Stafford, or Alex Smith. But what I am trying to say is he needs the experience with only 4 games left and no more games left to play for. When your team is getting embarrassed and the fans want to see him play, please the fans and let him show them why he was drafted in the fifth round. He can be that Peyton Manning type player as was seen on ESPN Sports Science in the draft. Arizona needs to give him a chance because the future is now and you can’t keep sitting this player all season long. He’s the future and you must turn to him now. I know if he starts against Denver, I will be having a massive party with my fellow Fordham fans to celebrate one of the greatest days in sports history. Let this day happen, let John start, and let him show Arizona why Larry Fitzgerald should stay. It’s time for change…

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