Finals are over! Time for plays of the week!

Hey Sports Cycle fans! Done with Finals and it is a relief. About to get to the airport and hop on a plane home to New York but I wanted to give you guys my plays of the week…

1. Barry Cofield sack then Dance

…This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Watching the sack and then the dance makes me want to learn it. Next time I tackle someone in my life I will do it like Barry did…

2. Rondo Pass to Ray Allen

…Are you kidding me? He is now out for a few weeks but that pass is insane! How did he know Ray was there? That blew my mind. When Ray Allen hit the shot, it made it even better…

3. Dwight Howard Block

Did you see how high he got? What a rejection. He is the best center in the league and plays like that get you there. He is a beast…

4. John Skelton forces for First Down

…Quality is not too great but if you get a chance to see it again, the rookie on 3rd down puts his whole body and trucks the Broncos for the first down. It’s pretty awesome…

5. Swimming sensation Jay Fleming

A feel good story but also an amazing story. It is incredible how he can do that with one hand! What a champion and wouldn’t be surprised if we see him in the olympics in years to come. What a kid…

6. Fordham storms the court

This is bittersweet for me and I had to put it in because everytime I watch it, it puts a smile on my face. One of the greatest victories in Fordham history and they took over New York with that one game. Great game in the Rose Hill Gym…

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