Knicks winning and Playoff bound NOW

The New York Knicks are truly about you, we, us, now because they care about winning. Before a three game losing skid, they won 8 in a row and it was because the team was coming together. The video above pretty much explains why the team has been successful. It is because of the dynamic duo of Felton and Stoudemire. They have meshed over the past few games and have been clicking on all cylinders. Amar’e scored 30 pts or more in 9 straight games and Felton has had 4 game with 10 assists or more. They really are beginning to understand each other sort of  like when Stockton to Malone was developing.

With the dynamic duo playing well, the Knicks have also been attacking the rim. This has led to more points and also has made them so much better. They have had 15 more opportunities at the line then their opponents and it is due to Stoudemire, Chandler, Gallinari, and Felton attacking the rim. This attacking mode for the team has led to more open three pointers and they have taken less which also has helped this team tremendously. In the beginning of the year, they lived and died by the three and now have changed directions.

The play of Landry Fields has been sensational. To have 10 points and 7 rebounds a game on average as a starting rookie is over the top. He was chosen in the second round and wasn’t even considered on draft boards. He is playing better than many rookies in the league ahead of him and some are even in the NBDL. Without his smart plays and good decisions, I don’t think this Knicks team would be the same. I think they would lack that aggressiveness and that hustle he brings to the floor every night.

The most important thing the Knicks are doing is they are playing defense. The past few games they have won because of a great defensive play. Stoudemire is averaging 2 blocks a game, Gallinari is learning how to take a charge consistently, and Toney Douglas knows how to get steals when they matter the most. With this team playing defense and not allowing 120 pts a game like years before, I think they will be able to make such a run in the future.

The key though for New Yorkers and Knicks fans is that New York is winning now. They are winning and New York “The Mecca of basketball” is back. To put people’s butts in the seats of Madison Square Garden is the greatest feeling anyone can have. The Knicks back in the days of Houston, Ewing, and Starks brings back so many good memories. To be able to spark the old rivalries between the Celtics and the Heat is a good thing for basketball and a good thing for the Knicks.

If this success keeps piling up and they win and get into the playoffs, the NBA and basketball will be back because New Yorkers will love the Knicks and the NBA while others will hate the Knicks and want them to fail again. It’s a do or die league and I think if Amar’e keeps wearing his glasses, New York will see it clear until the end.

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