A closer look inside: Andrew Luck’s decision to stay at Stanford

The potential #1 pick in this years draft decided to stay put and finish his college career with the Stanford Cardinals. Andrew Luck will stay in school and play his redshirt junior season. When that decision was made, things went down hill. Stanford’s head coach decided to not stay with the university and took the San Fransisco 49ers job.

People are scratching their heads wondering why would a player who set school records for TD passes (32), completion percentage (70.7 percent) and passing efficiency (170.2) not take the money and be chosen as the number one player in the draft? He is already being mentioned alongside John Elway, Jim Plunkett, John Brodie and Frankie Albert as one of Stanford’s great quarterbacks.

He responded with:

“I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012.”

After he made this statement people started criticizing him. Blogs and tons of websites were saying this kid was crazy and that he was making the wrong decision.

Here is where I come in and say that I fully support this kid 100%. In this day and age, college athletes leave school early to get the money and to try to reach fame. This kid understands that life is not all about football but about learning and education. Can you fault the kid? He cares about Education more than playing in the NFL.

Is there a problem with that. Our society has this admiration with the fact that everyone needs to be a star athlete and nothing else. Well Andrew wants to finish his career at Stanford and wants a degree. I don’t think people should be bashing him. An Education in many senses is worth a million dollars which is about what he could have been making in the NFL. He chose the books over the ball and it was the right decision.

His father, former NFL quarterback Oliver Luck, said: “This is a win-win for him. He gets to spend another year at Stanford, be part of a team that will be highly ranked again next year, finish his degree and enjoy Palo Alto.

“It’s not like the NFL is going anywhere, it’s one of the best run leagues in the world. It will still be there when he graduates.”

The Carolina Panthers own the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and indicated earlier this week that they would be interested in drafting Luck if he decided to leave school.

Luck’s father, who’s also the athletic director at West Virginia, said the possibility of an NFL lockout or being selected by the Panthers did not influence his son’s decision.

“Call him old school,” Oliver Luck said. “He comes from a faction of people who believe you go to college to pursue your degree.”

I think being old school would be better than having no school at all. When it comes down to the end, some NBA players should look at what Andrew Luck did and admire him not knock him down. He has a bright future and I think he knows the path he is taking will lead him to success.

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