Green Bay Packers still mad at 07-08 Giants

From the Green Bay Gazette:

Greg Jennings remembers how sick he felt following the Green Bay Packers’ overtime loss in the NFC championship game three years ago against the New York Giants.

Jennings sat in front of his locker for a good 15 minutes after everyone else left, still in uniform.

“That was a bitter taste,” Jennings recalled on Monday

“It was a sense of, boy, we got here and we let one slip away.”

The Packers came agonizingly close to earning a Super Bowl berth that season. Jennings doesn’t want to experience that feeling again as the Packers prepare for another NFC title game on Sunday against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

There are 23 players on the Packers’ 53-man roster that were on the team in 2007, including 10 returning starters.

“I’m sure everybody that went through the experience in ’07 has a personal memory of what they thought maybe they could do differently or how they can learn from that experience,” said Packers coach Mike McCarthy. “I’ll be a better coach this time, the second time around, and the players that went through that game I fully anticipate them to be better players.”

If there’s one overriding lesson from 2007, it’s that opportunities like this don’t come around very often and you must seize the moment.

“It’s hard to get to the championship game,” said McCarthy. “And that’s why it’s even more important to reinforce what we’ve been reinforcing to our team, (which) is to stick to who you are.”

Tramon Williams wasn’t a starter in 2007 but contributed on special teams and as a nickel and dime cornerback. Now he’s a playmaking starter with three interceptions in the Packers’ last two playoff victories.

Williams learned that regular-season results don’t translate to the post-season. The Packers had beaten the Giants 35-13 during Week 2 of the regular season in 2007. But that wasn’t the same team they faced in the playoffs.

“You can’t think you’re going to play the same team that you played earlier in that year,” said Williams. “Once you get into the playoffs, that means the team’s hot and they’re playing well and that’s the way you’ve got to approach it.”

The Packers were favored in their home matchup against the Giants three years ago, just like they’re favored to beat the Bears at Soldier Field.

No one is saying the Packers took the Giants lightly, but you can be sure they won’t underestimate a Bears team that beat them in September and has won three of the last four matchups at Soldier Field.

“I didn’t realize we were the favorite for this one,” said linebacker A.J. Hawk when informed oddsmakers side with the Packers by three points.

“It doesn’t really have an impact on our team, what we’re going to do. … We’re going to go out there and do our job.”

Jennings is motivated by the memory of the Giants whooping it up at Lambeau Field three years ago.

“That’s one thing you have to take with you, the feeling you had or we had coming off that field at home and seeing another team celebrating on our field, on our turf,” Jennings said.

He would love nothing better than to inflict that same feeling on the Bears Sunday.

This article is really amusing. Makes me realize how much Packer fans are still upset about that game to this day. I go to school in Wisconsin and the fans still get in my face about how it was their year. I still believe they would have gotten destroyed  by that undefeated Patriots team if they went to the Super Bowl. However, they were a heck of a team. This years team reminds me of the Giants team that went to the Super Bowl and maybe the same result will take place. But all that matters for Packers fans is that the Bears are awaiting to eat some cheese at Soldier Field on Sunday…

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