Latest Mets News: Carlos Beltran running without brace

Via ESPNNewYork’s Adam Rubin:

Carlos Beltran has started running without the cumbersome knee brace that may have restricted his mobility during the second half of last season, Newsday reported.

Terry Collins gave a not-to-veiled hint Friday that if the decision were unilateral, the manager would put Beltran in right field right away. But Beltran will be given first dibs at center field, and if it’s not working out, he’ll then move to right field midway through spring training.

By all accounts, Beltran feels good now. Still, the wear and tear of a season, coupled with his chronic knee trouble, would suggest the issue is not completely behind him. Beltran did have to stop playing because of discomfort with a week remaining last season.

This is great news if you are a Mets fan because Beltran is a huge part of their lineup and their defense this season. With him healthy, he can make this team go from a mess to actually the real Mets. I am interested to see how his knee will hold up because the bruises and the swelling could be an issue. It is fine to run around without it, but can he play without it? That is a concern the Mets should look into. Honestly though, I love what Alderson is doing right now with the Mets. He is very smart with his decisions and his role on the team. However, the jury will be out all season on coach Terry Collins to see what he can bring to the table. Will he play Beltran in center field or right field? We shall see soon in spring training but maybe an Angel might be falling into place…

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