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Donnie Dwyer on Telemundo Milwaukee 2/23/11

February 24, 2011

Here is the sports portion of the newscast on Telemundo Milwaukee. Enjoy and let me know what you think…

SB Nation:Baseball Perspectus predicting Yankees NOT to make the Playoffs

February 23, 2011

This is from former ESPN and now SB Nation writer Rob Neyer who is a baseball journalist. I love all the work he does and his writing is very informative and spot on. I think you should all read his stuff daily on this website. Here is the article:

Via SB Nation:

Baseball Prospectus has released their first Postseason Odds report for 2011, and even with the caveats it’s always compelling stuff. One obvious caveat: It’s early, and the rosters are going to look quite a bit different in August than April. Shoot, at this point in the process we don’t know precisely who’s going to be on the rosters in April. Then again, it’s mostly the every-day players and regular starters who make the real differences, and we do know the great majority of them.

After the jump, the eight projected playoff teams …

Here you go:

AL East: Red Sox (average 93 wins)
AL Central: Twins (86 wins)
AL West: Rangers (86 wins)
Best 2nd place in division: Rays (85 wins)

NL East: Phillies (87 wins)
NL Central: Brewers (86 wins)
NL West: Rockies (87 wins)
Best 2nd place in division: Dodgers (85 wins)

Gee, that doesn’t seem like much fun, does it? Only one team with more than 87 wins? Granted, you might enjoy the absence of the Yankees from that run; PECOTA’s got them finishing 83-79.

These things are nice little February diversions and PECOTA’s made some great calls before — most famously, predicting a nice season for Tampa Bay in 2008 — but at this point there are just too many roster decisions that haven’t been made, injuries that haven’t befallen, etc. And if the Yankees really win fewer than 85 games this season, I’ll eat these electrons.

(Big tip o’ the cap to BTF’s Newsstand for this one.)

Update: I’ve been informed by someone at Baseball Prospectus that the above projections were erroneously posted, and are not accurate. It’s still fun to think about the Yankees winning 83 games!

…This is actually a great list. It is very accurate and with the recent news of Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright out for the season, it gives the Brewers the edge to win that division with the Reds following in their footsteps. The Rockies look like the dominate team in that division but don’t be surprised if the Giants and their pitching can hold up and make another surprise World Series run. Another team that surprised me on the list is the Rays but under Joe Maddon they really can contend any year in that AL East. What is interesting to look at is the number of wins the prospectus gave and see how accurate they are. It predicts the Yankees with 83 wins and with their pitching depth and their lack of bench, I can see that haunting them. But you have to take into account that they are the Bankees, and they turn on the jets from June to August so expect a cold start this season. Just by reading this, I am just excited to talk about baseball every week and about how great the season will be. It is within our grasp right now…

Fred Couples likes to text and help out Tiger Woods

February 19, 2011

Via ESPN Golf Blog:

Fred Couples admitted he is not much into the social networking phenomena — he said he didn’t even know what Facebook is and that he doesn’t quite understand Twitter.

 But he does know how to text.

Couples, 51, said he would text a few people after his 66 at Riviera Country Club put him in the lead at the Northern Trust Open.

One of them was Tiger Woods, who beat him to it Friday afternoon with a text of congratulations to Couples on his round that put him in the lead.

 Couples could not resist a little tweaking of a player he expects to have on his Presidents Cup team later this year.

 “I texted him back when I was coming down here [to the media center after the round],” Couples said. “I said, ‘I do love this place, but if you played here you’d win 10 times.’ And he didn’t send me too polite a text after that.

 “I’m shocked that he doesn’t play here, but I guess he doesn’t play well here, which I don’t know why. If I can play well here, any human being in the world can play well here.”

 Woods has not played the Northern Trust Open since 2006, when he withdrew with an illness after the second round. He played here for the first time as an amateur in 1992, his first time playing on the PGA Tour.

 With 11 appearances in the event (one at Valencia Country Club), Woods has played this tournament more than any other without a victory.

Gotta love Freddie Couples. If you are an avid golf fan, you know how good Fred Couples is to the game of golf. Fred also realizes that when Tiger is one of the best in the world, the game of golf is better than any other sport. I enjoy the amusing humor in this article with the texts and the quotes from the great Couples. Hopefully Fred can take the Northern Trust Open this year and show the young guys how to roll. Even though he is 51 and playing also in the Champions Tour, he still can hit the ball with the young guns in the PGA Tour…

Latest Mets News: Carlos Beltran running without brace

February 18, 2011

Via ESPNNewYork’s Adam Rubin:

Carlos Beltran has started running without the cumbersome knee brace that may have restricted his mobility during the second half of last season, Newsday reported.

Terry Collins gave a not-to-veiled hint Friday that if the decision were unilateral, the manager would put Beltran in right field right away. But Beltran will be given first dibs at center field, and if it’s not working out, he’ll then move to right field midway through spring training.

By all accounts, Beltran feels good now. Still, the wear and tear of a season, coupled with his chronic knee trouble, would suggest the issue is not completely behind him. Beltran did have to stop playing because of discomfort with a week remaining last season.

This is great news if you are a Mets fan because Beltran is a huge part of their lineup and their defense this season. With him healthy, he can make this team go from a mess to actually the real Mets. I am interested to see how his knee will hold up because the bruises and the swelling could be an issue. It is fine to run around without it, but can he play without it? That is a concern the Mets should look into. Honestly though, I love what Alderson is doing right now with the Mets. He is very smart with his decisions and his role on the team. However, the jury will be out all season on coach Terry Collins to see what he can bring to the table. Will he play Beltran in center field or right field? We shall see soon in spring training but maybe an Angel might be falling into place…

What Fans think of Marquette Basketball this season

February 18, 2011

CBS 58 Sports intern, Donnie Dwyer, went down to the Bradley Center to find out what fans think of their Golden Eagles. The fans talked about their favorite players, Buzz Williams, and tournament chances. 

Donnie Dwyer on Telemundo

February 18, 2011

My first ever appearance on Telemundo in Milwaukee as a sports anchor. I will also be on tonight at 10. Check your local listings. Thanks fans…

Quote of the Day

February 14, 2011

Via Tweet Deck:

#Braves reliever Peter Moylan on going from 248 lbs to 225:

“I had to, I was fat as s— last year. There comes a time when you look at yourself and go, alright, time to stop…. It doesn’t come off as easily as it used to. I worked my ass off, now it’s off. Hopefully I can keep it off during the season.”

“I walked in yesterday and got on the scales and it was not 225.3, it was 223 on the money. I couldn’t believe it.”

This quote is just hilarious because Moylan is so honest and sincere about his weight. He comes all out and tells everyone that he needed to lose the weight to pitch better in the MLB. Surprisingly, I have to agree with him. The reason is because as a submarine thrower, you do not want to have extra body fat to prevent you from leaning down on your wind up. I believe with the weight loss this season, he will be even more effective this season than he was last season. Now that the Braves are without manager Bobby Cox, they need to change this guy to a 7th or 8th inning guy rather than a right handed specialist…