Fans reaction to Osama Bin Laden killing during Mets-Phillies game

Tim Shaffer/Reuters

Last night during the Mets-Phillies game in the ninth inning, the news reported that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. After the fans had heard, they started chanting USA, USA, USA over and over again. The players didn’t even know what to think of it until a few innings later when they word spread around the stadium.

I must say that this moment reminds me of September 21st, 2001 when the Mets played the Braves after the 10 day absence from 9-11. The crowd united as one and chanted for being Americans and being part of one of the greatest nations in the world. They were so full of passion that it makes you get goosebumps. This was a a special feeling to be a part of both events and I will cherish them forever. As Bobby Valentine said last night, “this is an event where people will continue their road to recovery.” It sure has and it will get better as the time keeps moving on.  

Not to mention, the Mets won in both of those games…

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