Rex Ryan on ESPN First Take talking about “Play like you mean it”

This is a great video from ESPN First Take in the morning.  Dana Jacobson interviews New York Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan about his new book and about his unique coaching style. I hope you enjoy it…

This is a great interview because it is classic Rex. He is honest, hard-hitting, and nonchalant. He really cares about his team and he really thinks he is going to win every single game. I think he brings a good competitive nature that sturs up other fans like the Cowboys, Giants, Patriots, and Dolphins. He makes people angry and he does it for a reason, winning. No, I don’t compare him to Charlie Sheen but having 4 playoff wins in 2 years is impressive. Without him I don’t think football would be as intimidating and ESPN wouldn’t have such good news updates every night…

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2 Comments on “Rex Ryan on ESPN First Take talking about “Play like you mean it””

  1. Da Bears Says:

    Rex Ryan can suck a dick. What an obnoxious douchebag…

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