What the Cleveland Cavaliers should do with their #1 and #4 pick?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are making the big news! They are making it to the NBA Finals again against the San Antonio Spurs with Lebron James!!! Oh, that was 2007. Fast forward to 2011, the team had one of its worst seasons since 2003 and lost 26 games in a row. This is one season after making the NBA playoffs and losing it’s franchise player in Lebron James to the Miami Heat.

Now all the Cavalier fans in Cleveland are waiting for the NBA draft on June 23rd. That day will be the Super Bowl for the city of Cleveland because they have the first and fourth pick in this year’s draft. This is a big deal for this franchise because these two players that are coming in can change them from a 63 game loser to a 63 game winner. But the main question is who?

Let me start by saying they need to focus on shooting guards, centers, and small forwards. While there may not be players that fit that bill for this Cavaliers system, I say they choose Derrick Williams with #1 and then #4 Kyrie Irving.

The reason I say that they should do this is because as of right now, the best player in college basketball this season in the post was Arizona’s Derrick Williams. He brought the toughness and energy that this Cavaliers team is going to need. I think with him in the frontcourt next to a guy like J.J. Hickson could make for a dominant combo and can cause matchup problems in the future. Williams is the best athlete and overall player in this draft to go #1 and a city like Cleveland will embrace him and show him how to become a star like they saw Clippers Blake Griffin turn into this season.

Now if you have reached this point in the article you might have said, “How can they get Kyrie at #4? He is a projected #1 pick? The answer is Yes, he has been projected to be a number 1 pick. But here is my reasoning why they can get him 2 picks later.

The Timberwolves have probably the most point guards in the NBA with Jonny Flynn, Luke Ridnour, and Rubio coming to the NBA shortly. They don’t need another point guard on their roster. They were first in the league in rebounding next year and they are going to look for a scorer or a leader to change the dynamic of that team. They just let too many teams take advantage of them on defense and they didn’t really have an answer on the offensive end besides the double double machine Kevin Love.

Then you look at the Jazz. What are they lacking? They are lacking a guy who can shoot the ball and be a versatile forward/guard who can play multiple positions. They already have Devin Harris who is an All Star Point Guard and have Ronnie Price and Earl Watson to back him up. Why would they need another point guard in their system? Kyrie Irving wouldn’t even be able to play that much if he was selected by them and he wouldn’t be a fit. That is why I see him being a perfect fit at #4 for the Cavaliers.

Now a lot of people have been saying they will pick up the Lituanian center Jonas Valanciunas which is another good idea but if they grab Williams with the number one pick, they won’t need to address the center position so early. They also have the 32nd pick in the second round and there are plenty of centers in this draft and they can be picked up and make an NBA roster.

In the end, if the Cavaliers want to get back to greatness they need to make one of these choices. If they get both, then they are in shape to be REALLY good next year. I think they should be able to make those picks based on the situations they are presented with and they will turn from rags to riches in just one season. I really think Cleveland will be back next season. Hey, if the Indians are in first place in the American League Central throughout the month of May, anything can happen. You just have to get lucky.

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