A look back at this year: My NBA Preseason Picks

This summer I will be introducing a new feature called, “A look back at this year.” What I will be looking into this summer is sharing the experiences I had working with my blog for the first year and my internship at CBS 58 in Milwaukee over the past semester. What I am going to look at first is my NBA picks this year since the NBA Finals are done. Here is what my observations are:

1. Chicago 1. Orlando -3
2. Miami 2. Miami EVEN
3. Boston 3. Boston EVEN
4. Orlando 4. Atlanta +1
5. Atlanta 5. Milwaukee -4
6. New York 6. New York EVEN
7. Philadelphia 7. Chicago +6
8. Indiana 8. Detroit -3
9. Milwaukee 9. Washington -4
10. Charlotte 10. Cleveland -5
11. Detroit 11. Charlotte +1
12. New Jersey 12. New Jersey EVEN
13. Washington 13. Toronto -1
14. Toronto 14. Indiana +6
15. Cleveland 15. Philadelphia +8

 Donnie Dwyer’s thoughts: These predictions are actually pretty accurate except for the Pacers and the 76ers. I have 4 predicted right, 6 that dropped a few places, 5 that rose to the occasion and over exceeded, and 6 out of the 8 made the playoffs. I never thought the Bulls would have been this good and that the young Sixers or Pacers would even have enough in them. Overall, I thought I did very good predictions here and I am happy with them going into next season.

1. San Antonio 1. Los Angeles -1
2. Los Angeles 2. Phoneix -8
3. Dallas 3. Denver -2
4. Oklahoma City 4. Memphis -4
5. Denver 5. Portland -1
6. Portland 6. Oklahoma City +2
7. New Orleans 7. San Antonio +6
8. Memphis 8. Dallas +5
9. Houston 9. Utah -2
10. Phoneix 10. Houston +1
11. Utah 11. LA Clippers -2
12. Golden State 12. Sacramento -2
13. LA Clippers 13. New Orleans +6
14. Sacramento 14. Golden State +2
15. Minnesota 15. Minnesota EVEN

Donnie Dwyer’s thoughts: The West was a different story for me than the East. I did get 7 out of the 8 playoff teams in the West but I only got one team that was correct and that was the Timberwolves.  Also, 7 of the teams didn’t live up to the expectation, and 5 did better than I expected. I made two big mistakes however. I said that the Suns would be good this year and they didn’t live up to the run they had two years ago with Amare Stoudemire. They certainly missed him in the middle of the court. I also said the Mavericks would finish 8th and they finished 3rd and went on to win the whole thing. I really thought this team was old and they couldn’t beat teams like the Lakers or the Thunder. They exceeded all expectations and they played team ball even though they were not the most athletic. Credit the World Champs on a great year. Overall, I am still pleased with my picks and think next years will be a lot better.

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