Former Fordham Center Fahro Alihodzic commits to Nebraska

(AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

Via Facebook:

Committed to the University of Nebraska! Hard work, Commitment and Dedication pays off as I am about to join my teammates in the Big10 next season!!! I want to Thank everybody who has helped and supported me!

Via Windy City Source’s Steve Hebel:

Head coach Doc Sadler has landed his third JUCO commitment for the Nebraska class of 2012 in big man Fahro Alihodzic. The 6’9″ Alihodzic plays at Southeastern CC in Burlington, Iowa . . .
Originally from Bosnia, Alihodzic played high school ball at St. Francis de Sales in Toledo, Ohio and committed to play at Fordham University. He started 14 times as a freshman in 2009-2010 and appeared in every game for the Rams, averaging 4.5 points and 4.0 rebounds in 22.3 minutes per game. He shot 41% from the field and only averaged 1.4 turnovers per game.

Here are some statements he said after committing:

“I just wanted to play basketball for some good people and when I visited, I felt like the coaches at Nebraska were really good people overall. They are the kind of coaches I want to play for,” said Alihodzic. “The school itself has great resources. I feel like they are putting a lot of money into basketball and playing there will make me the best player I can be.”

Wow! He is going to the Big 10! I’m sorry but how is he a Big 10 talent? When I watched him play his Freshman year at Fordham it looked like his body was weak, his feet were a little slow, and he wasn’t a good defensive rebounder. I hope he has really changed his technique and lifted a whole lot during JUCO because if you would have told me Alihodzic to the Big 10, I would have said heck no! Many scouts said he was a mid major talent that could play anywhere but I honestly didn’t see him do too much besides score on teams that were undersized. I thought his defense needed a lot of work and he needed to work on his footwork and stamina. But Overall, I’m glad the kid has gotten a new chance and it will be interesting to see what happens to him in the years to come. I will be watching to see if he was better than Atlantic 10 talent…

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3 Comments on “Former Fordham Center Fahro Alihodzic commits to Nebraska”

  1. Myers Says:,4387.0.html

    “Two overriding thoughts
    1. “I just wanted to play basketball for some good people” – very revealing commentary. I would suggest he recognized the man who brought him to Fordham as a ‘bad person’ (I would) – but I’m speculating. I didn’t know Fahro. Nevertheless, this isn’t a quote you hear enough. Good for him to recognize the importance.”

    – WRONG – The new staff who came to Fordham were bad people

    “2. Given that a Big 12 team deems him worthy of a scholarship, how did the current staff assess him? Or did they? (injury) I do not know enough about the situation; but it makes me revisit whether or not Fahro was given a fair look. And if not, why?”

    – CORRECT – The staff who came in, pushed Fahro out. They didnt give him a fair look, but it was a blessing disguise. Now He is moving on to bigger and better things

    • Donald Dwyer Says:

      I agree with what you are saying Petermartin08. I think that they did push him out and Fahro like most recurits wanted to stay because of Grasso, Lyons, or any other coach and Fordham decided to go in a new direction with Pecora. I guess when teams bring in new coaching staffs the players have such a good relationship with other coaches that they bolt for another school. In this case, Pecora didn’t see much need for Fahro and so Fahro went to a place where they will need him.

      Fahro was also judged by his JUCO numbers that he put up in that small community college in Iowa. They saw what impact he can make on a team and went from there. Like many scouts said, he is a big talent who can surprise some colleges. He didn’t surprise me that much but we shall see what happens. It should be interesting.

  2. Myers Says:

    He has not played any JUCO games yet. He is being judged from practice and preseason open gyms. Other than Nebraska, According to the articles, He was being recruited by Wichita State, Kent State, Missouri, Washington State, Notre Dame, Bradley. I mean the list goes on. These are high major conferences, Big10,Big12, Pac12 and the Big East. Or even,top teams at the mid-major level which go to the NCAA tournament regularly, Wichita state and Kent state. Obviously the kid has talent and has most likely improved a lot since playing in the A-10 two years ago. Remember he started as a Freshman from Europe. He needed time to adjust to the game. He was also in a broken down program which never helps. One conclusion comes to mind. He was obviously shut out by Fordham and Pecora, primarily because he was not his recruit. Fordham lost a kid who could have really helped them due to politics. I am happy for him. He deserves this and I wish him luck.

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