New Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine is a good fit but players not happy

(Charles Krupa/ AP)

Via ESPNBoston:

The conversation suggests that Valentine, known as a no-nonsense manager in stints with the Mets and Rangers during 15 years, was perceived by some as a darkhorse candidate who would not be popular with some players.

“They’re going to have a mess on their hands,” the source said when asked what would happen if Valentine, who at that time was just one of several candidates, was hired.

After Valentine’s interview, Cherington said he had not spoken with any players about specific candidates.

“I talked to a lot of players about qualities in the next manager and things that might matter to them, but I haven’t talked to our current players about specific candidates,” Cherington said. “I don’t think that’s fair (to the players). We’re going to hire a manager and if it didn’t happen to be the guy that they felt strongly about, it kind of puts them in an awkward spot. I talked to a lot of them about qualities they would be looking for, or appreciate in a manager.”

Being a New Yorker, I really appreciate what Bobby did with the Mets but I don’t think this team is going to be ready for Bobby. Everyone says that he can motivate players and expects winning but my question is that it’s the Red Sox. They have guys like Ortiz, Beckett, Pedroia, Ellisbury, Gonzalez, Youkilis, and Lester. These guys are veterans now and they don’t want to deal with a manager calling them out if they don’t play well. Ortiz didn’t do well with all the criticism when he batted under .200 in 2009 and Francona wasn’t the type to throw him under the bus. But Valentine might just do that and it could make the Red Sox worse because they are not used to Valentine’s demeanor. This was a high risk/reward choice by Boston’s front office. It could either work magic or fail miserably. Only time will tell…

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2 Comments on “New Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine is a good fit but players not happy”

  1. toosoxy Says:

    I do not understand this idea of him being “no-nonsense.” His past antics do NOT scream “no-nonsense” to me. They scream “lots of nonsense.” No, I’m optimistic about Bobby V. At least he’s attempting to meet all the players. That’s something.

  2. Donald Dwyer Says:

    Yeah I agree toosoxy. He has met with Ortiz which is a good thing but you have to remember when he managed. It was the year 2002 and he went to the World Series in 2000. When he was with the Mets he had scrapsters that he could mold and develop. The Red Sox are superstars that don’t need to be molded. They don’t have Derek Bell’s or Joe McEwing’s to make better. They have Pedroia’s and Ellisbury’s. It’s a whole new ball game.

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