The Key to Fordham’s victory against Texas St tonight is Energy and Communication

(Courtesy of Joe Dibari)

The Fordham Rams have only had a few days off after the loss to St. John’s at Madison Square Garden heading into tonight’s matchup against Texas St. Fans would think this is a good thing for the team to prepare and get ready for their next game right? Not really. It was finals week for the players and grades needed to be satisfactory. So the team had to prepare this week with limited practice time and preparation. That’s why tonight’s game for the Rams is a huge game and a huge test for this young squad.

But tonight is a new night in my opinion. Coaches and the players on this team need to stop saying the word “YOUTH” and start saying the word “EXPERIENCE.” The only way this team gets better is if they have more experience on the court against good competition. You don’t lose because you are young and you don’t win because you are young. You win because certain players who have experience come up with the huge play when they need one late in the game.

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The only way the Rams win tonight is if they have the energy from start to finish and if they communicate with each other on both ends of the floor. The team needs to stop worrying about shooting, scoring, rotations, and the rest. They need to worry about playing the game rather than overthinking on the court.

Tonight is a fresh start for the Rams to get loose and play relaxed in front of their home crowd. Texas St. is no joke and Fordham cannot take them lightly. But let me get back to the energy. Did you fans see how the Rams played in the last four minutes of the St. John’s game? They played every possession like it was their last and they used the crowd in their favor bringing the lead down to three with a minute remaining. Tonight, that energy they showed in the last four minutes of the game needs to be shown in all 40 minutes at the Rose Hill Gym. If Fordham doesn’t  bring that energy and enthusiasm, it could be a long night for the Rams.

While energy is important, communication is essential tonight because they need to know what they are doing on defense and offense. College basketball isn’t an isolation league. You can’t win with one player. You need all five guys to step up and play at the highest level. If they communicate with their zone on defense and call out the certain plays to set up their players like Gaston and Frazier, the game will come much easier for the Rams and they will find themselves winning at home.

(AP Photos/Henny Ray Abrams)

In the end, Fordham needs to realize its strengths and weaknesses. One of them is to not give up the three point shot. Texas St. is 8th  in the country in points per a game with 83. Also, they have 5 players shooting over 40% from downtown. The Rams cannot let them get out to an early lead with easy three point shots. The second thing the Rams need to do is make smart decisions with the basketball. With a minute left in the first half during the St. John’s game, the Rams turned the ball over 3 times leading to a 9-0 run which distanced themselves from St. John’s at halftime. The Rams have to realize how much time is on the clock and play to their strengths of getting the ball inside to the bigs and then outside to the guards. The more they utilize their strengths, the more likely they are to win.

Let’s hope the Rams get a win tonight to get themselves ready for a big game against Georgia Tech on December 29th. This home stretch is going to be huge for Fordham moving forward. They need to try to split the home stand and get ready for Atlantic 10 play which is a few weeks away.

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