I look up to Fordham’s Chris Gaston, but he can’t keep doing this…

Hey Fordham Basketball Fans! It’s a rough morning to wake up and realize that your favorite team has lost to St. Bonaventure by 26 at home. It’s time for me to rant and write about my favorite player Chris Gaston.

(AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

The reason I love Chris Gaston is because he is a star talent who fights and wills his way into the lane for rebounds, points, and attempts to the free throw line. This year, he became an integral part to the Maroon-White zone that worked during that winning stretch over Georgia Tech and Harvard. Now, where has he gone?

This is a Chris Gaston who has been suspended for a game for throwing back punches at a URI player and violating team rules. Is Chris Gaston just sick of losing? Is he sick of doing everything Coach Pecora says because frankly, it hasn’t been working? Honestly, I don’t have the answer but what I do know is that he needs to be a leader and he cannot give up on his team like this.

Every press game conference when I interviewed Chris he said, “I want to be a leader. I wanted to communicate with everyone.” Chris, where is that communication? Where has it gone? Honestly, I think it has gone to his head and that is what has caused him to be in the trouble he has been in.

With three games left in the conference, he has to leave it all on the floor. He has to make Fordham fans and also scouts around the nation realize that he is the best player at Fordham and he can will them to wins in the Atlantic 10.

In Chris’s behalf I have to say that he has gone through a tough road with changing coaches, a 41 game losing conference streak, and never making it to the Atlantic 10 tournament in his career. But you can’t give up on the team.

I watched the feature YES network did on Chris and the whole team looks to #33 for everything. They look to him for advice, leadership, guidance, and production. Now, with three games left Chris, show your team and yourself that you can do all of that and be a First Team All-Atlantic 10 player.

I am not knocking Chris at all. I am writing this to and for Chris to realize that he has a number one fan right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a Senior who should be worrying about jobs, life, and my future but I also care about Fordham Basketball. The team and the program is part of a family to me and when someone gets down, someone needs to pull him out.

So Chris, if you read this, work your tail off and be the best leader you can be. I look up to you every single day you step out on that floor and produce a double-double. Don’t let this funk get to you. Keep working hard and remember, “Quitters never win and winners never quit.” La Salle is this Saturday, what are you going to bring to the table…

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One Comment on “I look up to Fordham’s Chris Gaston, but he can’t keep doing this…”

  1. Rams1 Says:

    not a shot they can beat la salle. one of the best teams in the a10 this year.

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