Fausto who? Leo who? MLB will look into bans for ID cases

Once Juan Oviedo and Roberto Hernandez — the pitchers formerly known as Leo Nunez and Fausto Carmona, respectively — receive visas allowing them to return to the United States and continue their careers, each likely will be suspended by Major League Baseball for up to six weeks, sources familiar with the cases told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez.

The suspensions for Oviedo, a Miami Marlins reliever, and Hernandez, a Cleveland Indians starter, are believed to be part of negotiations between the U.S. State Department and MLB.

Both pitchers have remained in limbo in their native Dominican Republic since it was discovered that each used a false identity and false age when they signed more than a decade ago.

Once the players are allowed to return, they would be allowed to participate during their suspensions at the respective extended spring training facilities of their big league clubs — Oviedo at the Marlins’ facility in Jupiter, Fla., and Hernandez at the Indians’ facility in Goodyear, Ariz.

The players have been volunteering their time in the Dominican, doing community work with young prospects and imploring them not to take the same route they did when they falsely used others’ identities.

This is insane because now I don’t recognize these players at all without their old names.  I don’t know about you out there reading, but this is pretty freaky. I am not going to lie, I think it is good that the MLB locks down on this policy but I think they are enforcing it way to hard. What is going to be next, let’s look into every single international baseball players age. Livan and Orlando Hernandez are 50 years old now? I don’t know if it is a great idea. But all I know is that recognizing these players will be weird from now on. I have decided I will call myself Nate Trotini if I could make up a name. No one would know, except my mom…

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