Reds Todd Frazier not only a third baseman but he’s a lifesaver

(Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE)

If the whole baseball thing doesn’t work out for Todd Frazier, he may have discovered a second career as an emergency medical technician. Or maybe a lifeguard.

The Cincinnati Reds third baseman had two hits and drove in two runs during an 8-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirateson Tuesday, less than 24 hours after saving a local restaurant-goer from a serious medical emergency with some quick thinking.

Frazier and teammate Ryan Ludwickwere eating dinner on Monday night when they noticed a customer across the room struggling to breathe. Frazier leapt into action, jumping behind the man and using the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge a sizable piece of meat.

“I don’t know what it was — it was a monster piece,” Frazier said. “The lady he was with was crying, and it was like surreal. Never done it before in my life.”

The customer recovered, thanked both players then picked up the tab without realizing either played for the Reds.

Considering the way Frazier is slugging the ball, he may not remain anonymous for long.

“He was … not Superman, he was Mr. Magnificent or somebody,” Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker said.

This is a great piece I read this morning and I thought I would share with my fellow followers. Frazier is a player with total power and can play a very good third base but we now know he is a great citizen and an even better human. Baseball players have this “celebrity” power that comes with them and Frazier didn’t even consider himself as one and help this man while he was choking. Not only that, he hit an RBI single in their next game against the Pirates. That is something special that many players haven’t done. He’s not only playing America’s game but he is saving fellow American’s who are in trouble. That’s a warrior…

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