Bryan Smith is turning into the new Marcus Stout

Hey Fordham Fans. Midnight Madness is this week and I will have a video previewing the non-conference schedule plus more about the Fordham Rams and their upcoming season battle in the non-conference ans the A-10. Today I want to talk about Sophomore guard Bryan Smith and how he is like Marcus Stout.

Marcus came into his freshman year with a bunch of other freshman teammates trying to make a name for himself and the University. He helped the Rams get to the A-10 tournament his freshman year and made some big plays in Atlantic 10 play that helped put Fordham back on the map. Example, 31 points in A-10 tournament game in 2005 against Duquesne.  

Bryan Smith is in the same category. He came in with a lot of new guys who are trying to make a name for Fordham and put them back on the map in 2012. Bryan made a lot of big plays in the big games to lead the Rams to historic wins. He had struggles at times but with a long off-season he is primed to do better.

When I look at Bryan Smith and his big shot over Harvard, I think of Marcus Stout and his big shot over URI his freshman year. They both have the same looking shot, the same poise, the same presence of the basketball court and now Bryan needs to show how consistent he can be this season.

I also see Marcus and Bryan being very good defenders. Marcus during his freshman year averaged 1.1 steals per a game and 3.1 rebounds. Bryan had better stats, 1.3 steals per a game and 3.2 rebounds. Marcus was on the All-Conference Defensive Team for a few years and Bryan can do the same if he puts in all the time and effort.

Plus they averaged about the same points per a game. Marcus averaged 12.9 points and Bryan averages 9.6 per a game. If Bryan hits a few more threes last season, that average is about the same. Bryan could be that team leader at shooting guard position to have a big impact in games that are decided by a few points.

I come up with this comparison because over the past 8 years, Fordham basketball has not only been a culture but a life. When I watch the games, I analyze, critique, and make adjustments that I want people to see at home.

Bryan Smith and Marcus Stout do play the similar style of basketball. Hard, aggressive, and smart. The only benefit of Marcus was he had Dunston and Mushon Ya’akosi down low so they could play an inside-out approach that set up Stout for big three pointers and good ball movement.

Now, Smith needs to take the help of Gaston, Canty, and Rhoomes to play that inside-out game and find him open on the wings. If they could start feeding the ball around like a team, I see no reason why Bryan would not have a big year.

Overall, I think Bryan Smith has the chance to be like or even better than Marcus Stout as the years go on. It’s hard to compare a legend to a sophomore but I had to put it out there for fans to debate and see my perspective. I think this season will be a year for Bryan to prove to himself and to the fans how good he can really be.

I think the whole team is ready to play basketball games right now and I think the fans are ready to start cheering for some more upsets as the season is almost here. We will see more in a few weeks…

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