Fordham has been missing a Jermaine, can the freshman be the missing link?

I write this post because to me, there hasn’t been an amazing point guard at Fordham since Jermaine Anderson. This year, we have a new Jermaine from Canada, and his last name is Myers.

Let me rebel in what was Jermaine Anderson. He was a good passer, he was a 90% free throw shooter, he could knock down 4-8 threes in a ball game, and most importantly, he was the fastest man on the court. (I did beat him in knockout during summer camp at Fordham University. My brother is still shocked that I was able to do it.)

What Fordham has been missing since 2008 is a point guard with speed and smart decision making. No nack on Kevin Anderson or Brenton Butler, but could you imagine 2008 Dunston, Stout, Greene, Binns, and Anderson’s Senior season with Jermaine? They would have been a top 25 team.

We saw what Jermaine could do. He could lead you to the A-10 semi-final game, he could be a court leader, and he could score the ball. Now, can the rookie do the same?

When Jermaine Anderson got the ball, he ran past everyone and was able to either get a shot off or find an open teammate for a shot. If Myers can do the same, we are in good shape folks.

What I have been hearing from Myers is that he has a High IQ and has developed at every single level he has played. Just hear from his coach.

“He does what he has to do to win,” Mantegna said. “He’s the best point guard I’ve ever had here and we’ve had some pretty good players. He has a real high IQ, he’s won at every level he’s been at and he makes everybody on the floor better. He’s just a winning player. He’s something special.”

Something special, eh? Well that’s what Fordham needs. Throughout scrimmages, I have heard he has been turning heads and making this team stronger and better. So Fordham has a real point guard?

Yes, they finally do. He will have growing pains with turnovers and mistakes but I am not worried about that because I see something special in this kid. It also now takes a big load off of Fatty and his shoulder surgery. He is expected to be back around Thanksgiving time and he can return as a compliment two guard rather than having to carry the load like last season.

From watching this kid play and from hearing the talk around the town, this kid is the REAL deal. I think we have got ourselves a point guard folks. If we didn’t have this kid, I would honestly have to say the year would have been difficult and losing would have been rough. But now, I see only positives and a great season out of this young guy.

Expect a few A-10 rookie of the weeks out of this kid too. He will finally make us forget about Jio Fontan (who?) and the other point guards that have been here since Jermaine Anderson.

It’s nice to have a Jermaine on campus again who could be better and that difference maker Fordham has been missing since 2007.

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2 Comments on “Fordham has been missing a Jermaine, can the freshman be the missing link?”

  1. Mike Gazdik Says:

    Great post man.

    A while back I commented on your blog about the blog we’ve started called The Farm Club ( I wanted you to be a contributor to our site. I’m just stopping by to let you know that your writing prowess still has me quite interested. Get back to me when you can and we’ll talk about it at

    We’ve moved off and are now self-hosted. Check out the new site if you wish.

    Thank you for your time.


  2. Paul Dougherty Says:

    two games into season; Jermaine Myers can play ball

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