I feel like last nights win against Duquense was a case of this. They played so hard and gave it there all. When I am there, the Rams always win. Gotta love this tweet and the winning has to continue!

The Sports Cycle

This is what Junior Forward Chris Gaston tweeted to me last night:

When I was home, Fordham won 3 out of 4 home games including upsets over #21 Harvard and Georgia Tech. The connection I have with some of the players is the reason I love being in the media and I love Fordham basketball. Fordham to me = Family. The way they played over that stretch was inspiring basketball and everytime I was there I could feel that energy and passion. Over the past few games there hasn’t been that energy to finish off ball games and sometimes I wish I wasn’t 1,000 miles away. I wish I was Fordham’s good luck charm every single game of the year and could make that impact moving forward. This tweet from Chris has been an honor to one of the biggest Fordham basketball fans since 2004…

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2 Comments on “”

  1. PJ McJorrma Says:

    16-Feb-13 vs Butler; Donnie, I predict, will be there.

  2. Donald Dwyer Says:

    I wish. It all depends on if I can get home from work! I am always there with the guys but I noticed the level they stepped up yesterday and it was noticeable!

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