Top 31 Moments in the UP! #28 – Meet Ms. McCoy

(Photo by: Laura Conway)

(Photo by: Laura Conway)

Next on my countdown I take a look at a story I did back in September 2012 about a gymnast and track star transformed into weightlifter. This story is funny because going into the USOEC Weight room I was directed to do a story on one girl but when I showed up, the girl standing at the door was not the girl I was told I would meet. So people thought this would be tricky, right? Actually, it was a lot more fun!

I was supposed to meet Holly O’Dovero who was from Marquette, Michigan and graduated from NMU but instead I talked to Vanessa McCoy who was from Wichita Falls, Texas and has been at the USOEC for three years.

My favorite thing about going into a story without knowing the person is to learn all the cool things about that person and finding something unique about them that no one else would have ever known. The interview with Vanessa went very smooth and shooting b-roll for that package was so much fun. She was athletic, funny, and super kind which made this story special. I loved that she did gymnastics her whole life and then got into weightlifting just a few years ago but even though things changed, she still loves being a gymnast and has opened up her own studio in Marquette.

This story stays close to me because it’s about what I always want to do. Tell stories about special people no one knows about and let their story be heard. This story now has over 1,000 views on YouTube and 11 people like the video. That’s an accomplishment!

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