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David Stern goes off on Jim Rome for no reason over draft pick question

June 13, 2012

I had to post this story to you fans because this story is hilarious but also goes beyond the game and into reporting. Take a look at what NBA commissioner David Stern said to Jim Rome on his show today.


“I know that you appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, was the fix in for the lottery?” asked Rome, who hosts a daily show on CBS Sports Network.

“I have two answers for that,” Stern said. “The simple easy one, no, the second, a statement, shame on you for asking.”

Rome went on to say that he thought it was his job to ask because people wonder.

“No, it’s ridiculous, but that’s OK,” Stern said.

Rome, who used to host the show “Jim Rome is Burning” on ESPN, said he didn’t think the question was ridiculous.

Stern responded: “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Since Rome has no history of spousal abuse, it appears that the commissioner was using a traditional loaded question as a tool to make his point: that the question itself, in this case about the lottery, presumes guilt.

Rome responded: “I don’t think that’s fair.”

After a little more back and forth, Rome said he hoped Stern wouldn’t hold the question against him.

“I wouldn’t hold it against you,” Stern said. “You and I have been in more contentious talks that that. But it’s good copy. You do these things for cheap thrills.”

Rome took offense to that statement, and Stern changed his characterization.

“Cheap trick,” he said. “You’ve been successful in making a career of it, and I keep coming on.”

That prompted a flurry of exchanges:

Rome: “Making a career of it? Making a career of what? What? Cheap thrills?”

Stern: “Now you’re getting mad. You’re taking on the world and now Jim Rome is pouting.”

Rome: “I’m not pouting, I’m taking offense.”

Stern: “You want to hang up on me?”

Rome: “No, I’m seriously running out of time.”

Stern: “Listen, I gotta go call somebody important like Stephen A. Smith back. He’s next.”

Rome: “OK, you go make that call and I’ll go talk to somebody else too I guess. Have a nice day. I did not hang up on him, we are officially out of time.”

This is a case of good reporting by Jim Rome and just utter foolishness by the commissioner David Stern. Honestly, I agree with Rome on his question and told my brothers the other week that the reason the New Orleans Hornets got the number one pick in the draft this season was because David Stern is part the owner and he thinks that the Hornets can be just as big as the Saints. He loved how the Final Four was a big thing in New Orleans and now he wants them to become a dynasty. I don’t blame him after the whole Chris Paul saga and the drop of the franchise the past few years but to lash out on Jim Rome was wrong. He didn’t mean to attack David Stern and also he wants the community to know the reason. It’s good reporting and Jim Rome did a good job. Shame on you David Stern, you should know better on how to deal with the media…

Marquette’s DJO is perfect fit for “defensive” New York Knicks

May 25, 2012

Via Zagsblog:

Darius Johnson-Odom says he knows what the Knicks need.

The former Marquette star worked out for the team on Thursday and said he was more concerned with bringing intensity on the defensive end than with showing his offensive skills to head coach Mike Woodson and company.

“I know what the Knicks need so I came with a defensive mindset,” DJO told “With Iman [Shumpert] being out, with Baron [Davis] being out, with them being low on guards, I know if can just get in and play hard for six or seven minutes defensive-wise then that’s all I need to do.”

A natural two guard, DJO averaged 18.5 points and 3.5 rebounds last season for a Marquette team went 27-8 overall, 14-4 in the Big East and lost to Florida in the Sweet 16.

With Shumpert sidelined until December or January with a torn ACL, DJO is hoping the Knicks might use their No. 48 pick on him with the idea that he might be a similar kind of physical, defensive-stopper on the wing. calls him the No. 47 prospect in the Top 100 this year.

The Knicks enjoyed great success this season with another Marquette product when Steve Novak led the NBA in 3-point efficiency. Still another Marquette product, Dwyane Wade, went off for 41 points when the Miami Heat ousted the Indiana Pacers in Game 6 of their series Thursday night.

The Knicks have auditioned a slew of point guards this week, including Tu Holloway (Xavier), Scoop Jardine (Syracuse) and Scott Machado (Iona).

“[Shumpert] is a little bit taller than me,” said the 6-2 DJO. “I think we do have athletic ability, the effort he plays on defense. That’s all I can give you.

“I can give you a couple points here but whatever I have to do to help the team  that’s what I’m wiling to do. I feel like defense is something that the Knicks will need here with Iman being out.”

DJO has already worked out for the Philadelphia 76ers and at the Nets free-agent combine and still plans to attend the Minnesota Timberwolves combine, a workout with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Pre-Draft combine before other individual workouts.

DJO remains in constant touch with Marquette coach Buzz Williams for support.

“He always texts me, ‘Did you guard anybody today?’” DJO said. “And I always tell him, ‘Just a little bit,’ knowing I did a little bit better than ‘just a little bit.’ That’s one of the things coach Buzz is always pushing me to be, a defensive player with my athletic ability and my strength and my speed. I should be a top defensive player.”

Knowing DJO for three years I have to say this guy has been a sleeper his whole life. I remember when he got hurt when he got to campus and had to sit out Marquette madness and a few games. Then when he arrived, he brought the madness to campus. This guy is a complete player and if you need a defensive stop or a big shot, put the ball in #1 hands. He also is a perfect teammate. When I interviewed him, all he cared about was winning and only wanted to get better each game. That would be a coaches dream! As a Knicks fan, I would be praying for Darius to get drafted by this team. Not only could he play point but he can hit shots and get to the basket and take it to the rack with authority. The Knicks have been missing that over the past few years and if they want to hit it big with a draft pick, take the tough-minded and clutch Darius Johnson-Odom with that #48 pick…

Sports Science: Darius Johnson Odom is one of the elite players in the country

December 6, 2011

This video is insane because I have been watching DJO for three years and you can see his development. The most shocking part about this is he has such blazing speed and quickness and he was hurt when he first got here in 2009. He was in a boot for quiet some time and sat out the first month of the season in 2009. That’s something many people around the country didn’t know about this amazing athlete. But his game just speaks so much volume when you watch him. To have that ability to score off the dribble makes him such an elite scorer and he warrants double coverage every single time. But with an unselfish Marquette team, DJO can put himself in the same category of Marquette greats and could even be drafted in the first round this summer. Getting compared to Dwayne Wade is something to take seriously and students around campus understand that…

If I created a new team of 2011 undrafted players, they would be a solid team

June 23, 2011

The NBA Draft is over and I can’t take how teams pick Europeans from the draft who will not come and play in the United States for four years. Why not pick an American born ready senior who is ready to contribute and make a name for himself? This is why I feel like if I created a team of all the undrafted players from this years draft, they would be a great team and win a lot of games. Here would be the roster if that could happen and I would probably call them “The Outlaws” since NBA teams didn’t feel like they were necessary.


1. Chris Wright – Georgetown

2. Jacob Pullen – Kansas State

3. Kevin Anderson – Richmond


1. Lacedarius Dunn – Baylor

2. Ben Hansbrough – Notre Dame

3. Jeremy Hazell – Seton Hall

4. John Holland – Boston University


1. Gilbert Brown – Pitt

2. David Lighty – Ohio St.

3. Austin Freeman – Georgetown


1. Matt Howard – Butler

2. Rick Jackson – Syracuse

3. Chris Wright – Dayton


1. Greg Smith – Fresno St.

2. Jarrid Famous – South Florida

Starting 5

1. Jacob Pullen PG

2. Lacedarius Dunn SG

3. Austin Freeman SF

4. Matt Howard PF

5. Greg Smith C

Key Roles

1. Defensive Specialist – David Lighty SF

2. Three point shooter from bench – Jeremy Hazell SG and Ben Hansbrough PG

3. Defensive Center – Jarrid Famous C

4. Shot block threat – Rick Jackson PF

5. Sixth man – Kevin Anderson PG

I’m not gonna lie, I really like this team and think they are a huge threat if this team could ever been made. I think the talent on this team could beat a few NBA teams and I think scouts need to really change their minds about what their team needs. I think experience is more valuable than athleticism any day of the week. How did the Mavericks win a title this season? They won it on strategy and I think this team could develop into a super team if it were real. Unfortunately, it’s not. It is very sad to see this and I will have to keep dreaming about coaching this team in my sleep. It would make other teams have nightmares..

Video: The Sports Cycle: 5 players to keep an eye on in the NBA Draft

June 22, 2011

This NBA Draft has been called “weak”, “one of the worst”, and “not very talented”. However, I disagree and think that it will be a great draft with some players you may have never heard about. Here is the video of the top 5 players!


Marquette’s Jimmy Butler talks to ESPN’s Andy Katz

June 20, 2011

This is a great story from a great kid. This is a kid you want to get drafted into the NBA because he does everything right as a player, he is humbled, and all he wants to do be a team player on a winning team. I think his story is great for any young athlete wanting to become a future pro or star in sports. If you work hard and you do everything to succeed, a guardian angel will help you and give you chances to be great. I think Jimmy Butler can be a great role player like Wes Matthews was on the Portland Trailblazers. We’ll see what happens on Thursday…

Marquette’s Jimmy Butler on the front of ESPN website

June 18, 2011

Here is a picture of Marquette NBA prospect Jimmy Butler on the cover of


This is a great pic and exposure for the young man from Marquette. His story is interesting and inspiring for any young athlete. He also is a great player and he will get a chance to play in the NBA. I have to say that I had an honor interviewing him and being able to watch him play. He is a class act, a quiet leader, and he learns from example. That is why he is a Golden Eagle for life…

The Knicks Blog: Fordham Basketball coach talks about A-10 prospects and Charles Jenkins

May 24, 2011

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW and watch the video interview between Tommy Dee of The Knicks Blog talking NBA Draft, Charles Jenkins of Hofsta, Fordham University, and A-1o prospects….

Via The Knicksblog:

…What is interesting about this interview is the way he talks about the Atlantic 10. I think fans saw it watching the NCAA tournament that Richmond was a very good team almost making it to the Elite eight, Xavier got beat out by a very good Marquette team early but played well all year, and Temple beat a hot Penn St. team and almost beat San Diego St. in Overtime. The Atlantic 10 has gotten so good that sometimes you miss out on players like Kevin Anderson of Richmond, Andrew Nicholson of St. Bonaventure, and Damien Saunders from Duquesne. These players are really good and sometimes the NBA misses out on that talent. I know in particular La Salle’s Steven Smith was the best player in the A-10 and best NBA ready player that never was drafted. Played in the D-League and never got his chance. The only way you can make it is if you have the publicity and you are visited by a ton of NBA scouts. I think Coach Pecora got into detail about that and I know every kid is working hard on living there dream of making it to the NBA…

What the Cleveland Cavaliers should do with their #1 and #4 pick?

May 21, 2011

The Cleveland Cavaliers are making the big news! They are making it to the NBA Finals again against the San Antonio Spurs with Lebron James!!! Oh, that was 2007. Fast forward to 2011, the team had one of its worst seasons since 2003 and lost 26 games in a row. This is one season after making the NBA playoffs and losing it’s franchise player in Lebron James to the Miami Heat.

Now all the Cavalier fans in Cleveland are waiting for the NBA draft on June 23rd. That day will be the Super Bowl for the city of Cleveland because they have the first and fourth pick in this year’s draft. This is a big deal for this franchise because these two players that are coming in can change them from a 63 game loser to a 63 game winner. But the main question is who?

Let me start by saying they need to focus on shooting guards, centers, and small forwards. While there may not be players that fit that bill for this Cavaliers system, I say they choose Derrick Williams with #1 and then #4 Kyrie Irving.

The reason I say that they should do this is because as of right now, the best player in college basketball this season in the post was Arizona’s Derrick Williams. He brought the toughness and energy that this Cavaliers team is going to need. I think with him in the frontcourt next to a guy like J.J. Hickson could make for a dominant combo and can cause matchup problems in the future. Williams is the best athlete and overall player in this draft to go #1 and a city like Cleveland will embrace him and show him how to become a star like they saw Clippers Blake Griffin turn into this season.

Now if you have reached this point in the article you might have said, “How can they get Kyrie at #4? He is a projected #1 pick? The answer is Yes, he has been projected to be a number 1 pick. But here is my reasoning why they can get him 2 picks later.

The Timberwolves have probably the most point guards in the NBA with Jonny Flynn, Luke Ridnour, and Rubio coming to the NBA shortly. They don’t need another point guard on their roster. They were first in the league in rebounding next year and they are going to look for a scorer or a leader to change the dynamic of that team. They just let too many teams take advantage of them on defense and they didn’t really have an answer on the offensive end besides the double double machine Kevin Love.

Then you look at the Jazz. What are they lacking? They are lacking a guy who can shoot the ball and be a versatile forward/guard who can play multiple positions. They already have Devin Harris who is an All Star Point Guard and have Ronnie Price and Earl Watson to back him up. Why would they need another point guard in their system? Kyrie Irving wouldn’t even be able to play that much if he was selected by them and he wouldn’t be a fit. That is why I see him being a perfect fit at #4 for the Cavaliers.

Now a lot of people have been saying they will pick up the Lituanian center Jonas Valanciunas which is another good idea but if they grab Williams with the number one pick, they won’t need to address the center position so early. They also have the 32nd pick in the second round and there are plenty of centers in this draft and they can be picked up and make an NBA roster.

In the end, if the Cavaliers want to get back to greatness they need to make one of these choices. If they get both, then they are in shape to be REALLY good next year. I think they should be able to make those picks based on the situations they are presented with and they will turn from rags to riches in just one season. I really think Cleveland will be back next season. Hey, if the Indians are in first place in the American League Central throughout the month of May, anything can happen. You just have to get lucky.