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Poll: Which New York City Basketball team is in more trouble, the Knicks or Nets?

December 27, 2013


New Yorkers including myself are finding it hard to watch NBA games because the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets have been playing bad basketball the first two months. So I ask you the question, Which New York City Basketball team is in more trouble, the Knicks or Nets? Love to get some feedback from the fans.

Marquette’s DJO is perfect fit for “defensive” New York Knicks

May 25, 2012

Via Zagsblog:

Darius Johnson-Odom says he knows what the Knicks need.

The former Marquette star worked out for the team on Thursday and said he was more concerned with bringing intensity on the defensive end than with showing his offensive skills to head coach Mike Woodson and company.

“I know what the Knicks need so I came with a defensive mindset,” DJO told “With Iman [Shumpert] being out, with Baron [Davis] being out, with them being low on guards, I know if can just get in and play hard for six or seven minutes defensive-wise then that’s all I need to do.”

A natural two guard, DJO averaged 18.5 points and 3.5 rebounds last season for a Marquette team went 27-8 overall, 14-4 in the Big East and lost to Florida in the Sweet 16.

With Shumpert sidelined until December or January with a torn ACL, DJO is hoping the Knicks might use their No. 48 pick on him with the idea that he might be a similar kind of physical, defensive-stopper on the wing. calls him the No. 47 prospect in the Top 100 this year.

The Knicks enjoyed great success this season with another Marquette product when Steve Novak led the NBA in 3-point efficiency. Still another Marquette product, Dwyane Wade, went off for 41 points when the Miami Heat ousted the Indiana Pacers in Game 6 of their series Thursday night.

The Knicks have auditioned a slew of point guards this week, including Tu Holloway (Xavier), Scoop Jardine (Syracuse) and Scott Machado (Iona).

“[Shumpert] is a little bit taller than me,” said the 6-2 DJO. “I think we do have athletic ability, the effort he plays on defense. That’s all I can give you.

“I can give you a couple points here but whatever I have to do to help the team  that’s what I’m wiling to do. I feel like defense is something that the Knicks will need here with Iman being out.”

DJO has already worked out for the Philadelphia 76ers and at the Nets free-agent combine and still plans to attend the Minnesota Timberwolves combine, a workout with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Pre-Draft combine before other individual workouts.

DJO remains in constant touch with Marquette coach Buzz Williams for support.

“He always texts me, ‘Did you guard anybody today?’” DJO said. “And I always tell him, ‘Just a little bit,’ knowing I did a little bit better than ‘just a little bit.’ That’s one of the things coach Buzz is always pushing me to be, a defensive player with my athletic ability and my strength and my speed. I should be a top defensive player.”

Knowing DJO for three years I have to say this guy has been a sleeper his whole life. I remember when he got hurt when he got to campus and had to sit out Marquette madness and a few games. Then when he arrived, he brought the madness to campus. This guy is a complete player and if you need a defensive stop or a big shot, put the ball in #1 hands. He also is a perfect teammate. When I interviewed him, all he cared about was winning and only wanted to get better each game. That would be a coaches dream! As a Knicks fan, I would be praying for Darius to get drafted by this team. Not only could he play point but he can hit shots and get to the basket and take it to the rack with authority. The Knicks have been missing that over the past few years and if they want to hit it big with a draft pick, take the tough-minded and clutch Darius Johnson-Odom with that #48 pick…

The Reason Knicks lost to Heat: Lack of Patience down the stretch

April 16, 2012


Watching the Knicks vs. Heat game today on ABC was really entertaining and could potentially be a playoff match up between these two squads. There was a lot to learn from this game today at Madison Square Garden. The key thing was the lack of patience the Knicks had at the end of the game on the offensive end.

The last six out of seven possessions with four minutes remaining were three pointers. The Knicks were only down three with 4:43 remaining in the game and Carmelo decided to chuck a three. The lack of patience to try to get to the basket or get a better look was killing them tonight. Granted, Carmelo did have 42 points on the game but he didn’t perform down the stretch like the Knicks need him too. In order to beat the Hear and the Bulls, #7 needs to be the best player on the floor. That doesn’t only mean offense. I am also talking about assists, and rebounds, and free throws.

But let’s get back to today’s Heat game. I am really worried about the Knicks point guard play without Jeremy Lin in for quite sometime. They have been able to get away with Baron Davis and Mike Bibby for the past few games but in today’s spotlight game it really showed their weakness. Baron Davis had 5 huge turnovers and one costly down the stretch. That impatience at the end of game could cost the team a chance to make a run to the NBA Finals.

Finally, I want to know if that was the strategy of Mike Woodson. Was it take 30 three pointers today and make them rain, or get to the basket and force Wade and Lebron into foul trouble? They got to the free throw line early but lost that confidence once they stopped rebounding the basketball.

(NBAE/Getty Images)

It’s a big concern to me and Knicks fans all around the country because this team has potential; they just need to make smarter decisions. And six three pointers with four minutes remaining is not a smart move in any type of game.

Steve Novak having success during Linsanity period

February 10, 2012

Via Zagsblog:

If you believe everything you read these days, Jeremy Lin is single-handedly responsible for the Knicks’ modest three-game winning streak.

And Steve Novak will be the first to give Linsanity its just due.

“Everyone’s been able to see how valuable [he is], the way he gets in the paint on offense and finds guys, how valuable that is,” Novak, whose team meets Kobe Bryant and the Lakers tonight at Madison Square Garden, said earlier this week at the Knicks training facility.

Novak, perhaps more than any other Knick, has benefitted from Lin’s passing.

The former Marquette standout has scored 19 points in each of his last two games — wins over Utah and at Washington — and is 10-for-17 from beyond the arc in those games. Of Lin’s 18 assists in the last two games, 10 have gone to Novak.

“I think you’re really starting to see our offense come together when we have that kind of penetration and that kind of finding guys,” Novak said in crediting Lin, the rookie sensation from Harvard.

“And it’s contagious because other guys know, ‘I’m going to get the ball from him or I’m going to make the next pass because the next time down he’s going to find me again.”

The Knicks picked up the 6-foot-10 Novak — a 41.7 percent career 3-point shooter — in late December after he was released by the San Antonio Spurs

But he never scored more than nine points in a game for the Knicks until this month, when both Amar’e Stoudemire (brother’s death) and Carmelo Anthony (groin) have been absent from the lineup. Both of those players will miss at least two more games.

“At this point, I think we all know, you’re in the NBA for a reason,” Novak, 27, said of his back-to-back 19-point games. “Everybody can play. Anybody can have a huge game.”

Novak played four years at Marquette for former coach Tom Crean and was drafted in the second round of the 2006 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets.

Even after bouncing around the NBA and the D-League, Novak remains close to his Marquette roots and current coach Buzz Williams.

“I work out there all summer,” he said. “I live five minutes from Marquette and play five-on-five with those guys and stay in touch. It’s definitely still my family.”

During those summer workouts, Novak sometimes goes up against the famous Marquette product of all time, Dwyane Wade, as well as fellow NBA players Jimmy Butler, Wesley Matthews and Lazar Hayward. 

“Whenever you go to a school and you have those bonds with your teammates, it’s special,” he said. “But then to carry it over to another league it’s pretty fun.

“And obviously, Dwyane has kind of paved the way for everybody and he’s done a great job and made a great name for Marquette. And there’s been quite a few guys after.”

One of them is Novak, who appears to have been swallowed up by Linsanity.

...When I was live on Marquette Madness and saw what he did when he came back to campus, I knew he would thrive with the Knicks and Mike D’Antoni. This is a guy that can stroke the ball and he has his entire career and with a pass first point guard like Lin, you are going to get an opportunity. That’s just how it works in the NBA. Plus, if you keep working hard and shoot all day like Novak, you might get more money. But in New York, he’s in an Empire State of Mind…

Former Fordham Ram broadcaster Spero Dedes named new radio play-by-play announcer for the Knicks

August 8, 2011

Via ESPN New York:

A month after being arrested for driving while intoxicated over the July 4 weekend, Spero Dedes was officially named the New York Knicks‘ new radio play-by-play announcer.

“Spero is one of the top play-by-play announcers in the country, and we’re excited that he is returning home to New York and joining MSG Networks,” Madison Square Garden executive vice president Dan Ronayne said in a statement Thursday.

Dedes also will back up MSG Network play-by-play man Mike Breen.

“I can remember walking into the Garden for my first Knicks game as a teenager and feeling the magic of the place,” Dedes said in the statement. “I’ve been in love with this franchise ever since. When I was a broadcast student at Fordham all I dreamt about was what it would feel like to be a Knicks announcer and now it’s become reality. I’m truly humbled by this opportunity, and having my family close to me again means a great deal. In addition, I’m forever grateful to the Lakers organization for my time spent there.”

Dedes, 32, had done play-by-play for the Los Angeles Lakers on 710 ESPN. Knicks broadcasts are on ESPN 1050 in New York.

…I think this is a great accomplishment for Spero and great hiring by the Knicks. This kid is a homegrown talent and knows basketball really well. I have listened to him throughout his time at Fordham and I think his potential is sky-high and that this is the beginning of a new era in New York Knicks basketball. He’s not the only one from Fordham to make it big in the past few years. Ryan Rucco is another talent on 1050 ESPN that has been really big for the station and has a great running show in the afternoons. It shows how Fordham alums can make such a difference in New York sports. But I wish him the best of luck and think he can make the Knicks sound like champions…

A look back at this year: My NBA Preseason Picks

June 16, 2011

This summer I will be introducing a new feature called, “A look back at this year.” What I will be looking into this summer is sharing the experiences I had working with my blog for the first year and my internship at CBS 58 in Milwaukee over the past semester. What I am going to look at first is my NBA picks this year since the NBA Finals are done. Here is what my observations are:

1. Chicago 1. Orlando -3
2. Miami 2. Miami EVEN
3. Boston 3. Boston EVEN
4. Orlando 4. Atlanta +1
5. Atlanta 5. Milwaukee -4
6. New York 6. New York EVEN
7. Philadelphia 7. Chicago +6
8. Indiana 8. Detroit -3
9. Milwaukee 9. Washington -4
10. Charlotte 10. Cleveland -5
11. Detroit 11. Charlotte +1
12. New Jersey 12. New Jersey EVEN
13. Washington 13. Toronto -1
14. Toronto 14. Indiana +6
15. Cleveland 15. Philadelphia +8

 Donnie Dwyer’s thoughts: These predictions are actually pretty accurate except for the Pacers and the 76ers. I have 4 predicted right, 6 that dropped a few places, 5 that rose to the occasion and over exceeded, and 6 out of the 8 made the playoffs. I never thought the Bulls would have been this good and that the young Sixers or Pacers would even have enough in them. Overall, I thought I did very good predictions here and I am happy with them going into next season.

1. San Antonio 1. Los Angeles -1
2. Los Angeles 2. Phoneix -8
3. Dallas 3. Denver -2
4. Oklahoma City 4. Memphis -4
5. Denver 5. Portland -1
6. Portland 6. Oklahoma City +2
7. New Orleans 7. San Antonio +6
8. Memphis 8. Dallas +5
9. Houston 9. Utah -2
10. Phoneix 10. Houston +1
11. Utah 11. LA Clippers -2
12. Golden State 12. Sacramento -2
13. LA Clippers 13. New Orleans +6
14. Sacramento 14. Golden State +2
15. Minnesota 15. Minnesota EVEN

Donnie Dwyer’s thoughts: The West was a different story for me than the East. I did get 7 out of the 8 playoff teams in the West but I only got one team that was correct and that was the Timberwolves.  Also, 7 of the teams didn’t live up to the expectation, and 5 did better than I expected. I made two big mistakes however. I said that the Suns would be good this year and they didn’t live up to the run they had two years ago with Amare Stoudemire. They certainly missed him in the middle of the court. I also said the Mavericks would finish 8th and they finished 3rd and went on to win the whole thing. I really thought this team was old and they couldn’t beat teams like the Lakers or the Thunder. They exceeded all expectations and they played team ball even though they were not the most athletic. Credit the World Champs on a great year. Overall, I am still pleased with my picks and think next years will be a lot better.

Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire on Sesame Street

April 9, 2011

This is an awesome video of the new Knicks stars on Sesame Street with Grover. I love that they understand that Sesame Street is a major icon and they want to be a part of it because they used to watch it when they were young. Good to see them make a difference not only on the court but in the studio…