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Did you play Bill Hall on your fantasy team for Mother’s Day?

May 14, 2012

Bill Hall made his Orioles debut a special one with a home run in the eighth inning the day before Mother’s day. That home run prompted a shaving cream pie to the face that still had his eyes burning hours later.

Hall was not be in the lineup today against Rays right-hander James Shields if manager Buck Showalter was playing matchups, Mother’s day tends to bring out the best in him.

OK, I’m going back six years, but in case you forgot:

Hall hit a walk-off home run on Mothers’ Day 2006 while playing for the Brewers. He was using a pink bat for the occasion, and to make the moment even more special, his mother, Vergie Hall, sat in the stands cheering enthusiastically.

He dedicated the home run to her, and the bat later was auctioned to raise money for breast cancer research. As the story goes, Brewers owner Mark Attanasio purchased the bat, with the final bid exceeding $25,000, and he gave it to Hall’s mother.

The following year, the Brewers lost to the Mets on Mother’s Day, 9-1. Their only run scored on Hall’s solo homer in the ninth inning.

When it comes to deciding whether Hall should play, it’s wise to think pink. Hall on Mother’s Day is like cake and ice cream because you just can’t go wrong with that.

So if you didn’t have him on your fantasy team, pick him up and play him in the future. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the valuable production he will bring.

This Day In Sports History: 1998

April 25, 2011

Cal Ripken Jr. was one of the best in the game during his career and on this day April 25, 1998 Ripken made it to 2,500 consecutive game starts. He was an iron man and a great third baseman. He is what made baseball great and can even be considered one of the best…

AL East Preview

April 1, 2011

Donnie Dwyer of the Sports Cycle breaks down the toughest division in baseball, the American League East.

Newly Acquired DH Vlad Guerrero brings what Orioles lacked last year

February 24, 2011

Here is a phenominal blog if you love to understand the game of baseball, basketball, and football. I suggest you visit it regularly if you want to become more knowledgable in the sports.

Via ESPN Stats and Info Blog:

How does Vladimir Guerrero have the potential to help the Baltimore Orioles? Let’s take a closer look.

Guerrero boosts the Orioles in multiple areas in which they were deficient last season. Baltimore slugged .358 against left-handed pitching, fourth-worst in baseball last season and the team’s worst since 1988.

In adding Guerrero, Derrek Lee and Mark Reynolds, the Orioles netted three players whose combined slugging percentage vs lefties last season was .495. Guerrero slugged .536.

In all three spots in the lineup (DH, first base, third base), the Orioles have a player whose numbers vs lefties were better than the primary player used by Baltimore last season.

The other thing that comes with Guerrero is that Baltimore gets the same version of Guerrero when there are runners in scoring position as when there aren’t.

(AP Photo/Star-Telegram, Ron Jenkins)

Guerrero has hit .300 or better in those situations in 12 of the last 13 seasons. His .321 batting average with runners in scoring position is a near match for what he hit in those situations last year (.320) and his career batting average overall (.320).

The Orioles hit .246 with runners in scoring position last season, fourth-worst in baseball.

Guerrero also figures to maintain his power in a hitter-friendly park.

While Rangers Ballpark was slightly favorable to right-handed batters over the last three seasons, with a home run park factor of 114 (according to The Bill James Handbook), Camden Yards is even more friendly, boosting homers for righties by 21 percent in that span, tied with Coors Field for the fourth-highest mark in the major leagues.

Lastly, though this won’t necessarily impact wins and losses, Guerrero still possesses a “wow” factor to his home run hitting. According to data compiled by our video review crew for, Guerrero averaged a distance of 408.14 feet per home run. That was 12 feet better than the big league average and eighth-best among the 47 players with at least 25 home runs in 2010. New teammate Reynolds ranked second.

…Vlad is so valuable to so many teams in the league but for the Orioles this season, he will be the most valuable. I remember in 2001 when he was a free agent he was going to sign with the Orioles but decided to go to the Angels for a little more money and a chance to win a title. He wasn’t able to win a title, but this guy can flat-out hit the ball. With the lineup of Lee, Markakis, Reynolds, Jones, Scott, Vlad, and Wieters this team will score so many runs. Not to mention, with Vlad’s phenomenal average with runners in scoring position they should be able to win some late ball games if the pitching keeps them in games. He brings this veteran approach to the plate which he will teach the guys like Markakis, Weiters, and Riemold how to get on base without always having to swing for the fences and get a hit. His value to any ball club is tremendous and it will show with the Orioles this season. Look at what he did in Texas last year! This year he will play in another Little League ballpark and tear the cover off the ball…