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#7 Marquette beats #12 Georgetown 83-69 on Senior Day

March 4, 2012

Donnie Dwyer reports from the Bradley Center on Marquette’s Senior Day as the fans say Goodbye to Jae Crowder and Darius Johnson Odom…

Photo Gallery: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Phoenix Suns on February 7th 2012

February 9, 2012

Here is a gallery of my shots from the Bucks-Suns game at the Bradley Center using my Cannon Rebel Camera. It’s pretty awesome and the shots I got were a lot of fun to take. Hope you like them folks…

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Video Report: Marquette Senior Tribute

March 7, 2011

Jimmy Butler scored 30 on Senior Night (Jim Prisching, Associated Press)

The Sports Cycle’s Donnie Dwyer travels down to the Bradley Center to report on Senior Night. I went into the stands and talked to the fans about their favorite senior and what they would say to them on their final game in Milwaukee. Marquette lost the game however, 67-60 against Cincinnati.

What Fans think of Marquette Basketball this season

February 18, 2011

CBS 58 Sports intern, Donnie Dwyer, went down to the Bradley Center to find out what fans think of their Golden Eagles. The fans talked about their favorite players, Buzz Williams, and tournament chances. 

Going to Knicks vs. Bucks game at the Bradley Center Tonight

November 9, 2010

Ahh, the life of a New York Knicks fan. Your teams are not that good. That is what I have been saying for years now but this years team actually looks like the real deal.

Game 1, my freshman year, the Knicks made trades to pick up Al Harrington, Cutino Mobley, and Tim Thomas so they played with only 7 men on the roster. There was also the whole controversy with Stephon “Starbury” Marbury and Mike D’Antoni regarding playing time. However, it did not matter in the game as they ended up losing 104-86. Chris Duhon led the team with 20 points and even Malik Rose and Anthony Roberson played. That just wasn’t good.

Then Game 2, my sophomore year it looked like the team might get a win with Gallinari and Lee at the helm in Milwaukee. Guess what happened? Loss number two. They lost 102-87.  Lee lead the team with 18 pts but also Larry Hughes was on the team then and he had 14 pts along with Wilson Chandler’s 1-10 night and Harrington’s 1-7. Gosh it was a blowout. The score was 40-22 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Now we go to Game 3 tonight, my junior year. This team is so much different. Got Felton at the point, much improved Chandler, Amare’ Stoudemire leading the team in virtually every category. This is why Knicks fans call him STAT. But let me just say, it will be a different game with a different result. The key though is to stop Bogut and Jennings. Point Guards have been killing the Knicks and if Jennings puts up a game like they did last year where he had 17 pts. It will not be a good night for the Knicks. But I am upbeat and ready to head to the Bradley Center for the contest.  Should be a good one.

My Prediction: Knicks win 100-97

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