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Fordham’s Brenton Butler signs with RSV Stahnsdorf in Germany

July 30, 2011

Brenton Butler has officially signed to play in Germany with RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf where he will be the team’s starting point guard.

Brenton graduated from Fordham University where during his senior season (2010-11) he averaged 14.6 points per game and lead his team in total assists & three pointers made. Brenton ranked 13th in the Atlantic 10 in scoring and third in free throw percentage. Brenton was also the recipient of the Terence O’Donnell Award, presented to the Fordham Athlete who best exemplifies the qualities of sportsmanship, loyalty, dedication and self discipline. Over his career, Brenton scored 1,525 points and finished his career ranked third on the school’s all-time three pointers made list.

I am so proud of my boy Brenton Butler. What he brought to the program for 5 years was invaluable. He gave Chris Gaston, Alberto Estwick, and now Branden Frazier the experience and teaching that some coaches on the team could not teach to these younger players. Even with all the scrutiny he received the past few years from fans, he is still one of the best Rams of all time. His 30 point performance on Senior Day speaks of his efforts and dedication to the program. That win ended the Atlantic 10 conference losing streak and set them on a winning way in the future. Now, he will go into a perfect situation in Germany and play for RSV Stahnsdorf. Former Rams, Jermaine Anderson and Mike Haynes have played there and could show him the ropes on how to play professional ball. But one thing Brenton Butler will never lose is his class and leadership. I could only imagine what he would have brought to the Rams during the years when he hurt his foot and played through mono. He could have been not only one of the greats, but the greatest of all time…

Video: A closer look into Fordham Basketball’s losing streak

January 28, 2011

Hey Fordham fans! Here is a video of Fordham’s long losing streak and what they need to do to win more games. Enjoy!

Chris Gaston on CBS showing Loyalty

January 23, 2011

This video gave me chills and made me smile. I really feel that Chris is a huge playmaker and an even better person. To be so loyal to Fordham on their down years shows how much he respects the game of basketball and the university. They lost 7 in a row but when they return back to the Rose Hill Gym and play Chris will be waiting to tear you apart. This gives Fordham Rams fans hope, confidence, and most importantly loyalty…

Fordham Basketball Wins 4 in a row, then looses 5 in a row

January 18, 2011

What a turn of the tide it has been Fordham basketball fans. It really has been a strange season for this Rams team. Starting off 0-2 then turning to 2-4. Then winning 4 in a row and beating St. John’s to bring their record to 6-4. Fans thought this was a spark and time to realize that Fordham basketball is back on the map. I even thought they were watching them play Kennesaw St. in their win at the Rose Hill Gym. But then came the winter and Fordham just became literally cold losing their last 5 games. But here are 5 reasons why I think they have lost 5 in a row :

1. Georgia Tech game cancelled

This was a game that I know this Rams team was dying to play. They realized they could beat a very good Big East team in St. John’s it was time to take on a solid ACC program. I think that not playing this game hurt their psyche because they wanted to prove something to the nation but instead it left them more time at home wondering what is next rather than what was in front of them. I know the players really missed that.

2. Bad time for West Coast road trip

The weather hit the New York/New Jersey area and that is when Fordham had to make a trip out West to play in the Cable Car classic. It was just not a very good time for the Rams to head away from the Rose Hill Gym. They ended up with flight delays and tons of traveling through Pittsburgh where they practiced at Robert Morris. Then the team flew over in three separate groups to make it to California. This took a lot out of the team and they didn’t play like the team they were supposed to early in the season. This was just the start of their troubles. The scheduling hurt them and they responded like the weather, cold.

3. Too many home games in the beginning of the year

Fordham started out playing their first 5 games at home. You think it would be a good decision because you can gain chemistry and you can start winning at home on the right foot. It looked amazing when the team started out 6-4. Then they went to California and played already two road games in the Atlantic 10 and have not fared well. Not to mention they also played their lone Atlantic 10 home game at the Izod Center in New Jersey. So they basically have played 5 road games and it gets worse as they host St. Louis at the Izod Center on Wednesday. This means they will basically play 6 road games in a row after starting out 5 in a row at home. I think they need to schedule it differently next year because this stretch is really hurting the team right now and they need to win soon or else everyone will think Fordham is still the team that will lose every game in the Atlantic 10. KEY STAT: The Rams are scoring 58.2 points a game during the  losing streak and averaged 77.7 points in the 4 game winning streak.

4. Teams have figured out how to shut down Chris Gaston and Butler

Chris Gaston is a double-double machine and was on a tear in the Fordham wins. But  teams are shutting him down now. He is not getting to the free throw line, shooting a poor field goal percentage, and isn’t the same rebounder. He only had 8 points against Temple, 14 against GW, and 10 against Charlotte. He is used to putting up 18 on average like last year and team now know if you get the ball out of his hands, the other team will win. He also has single digit rebounds of 5, 8, and 9 his past three games. If they are going to win they need his production to boost to the Chris Gaston that we knew from his A-10 rookie of the year performance.

On the other side, Brenton Butler is having a hard time putting the ball in the basketball because teams know what the 5 year senior is going to do. They know he is going to shoot off dribble, take three pointers, and try to be a leader on a young team. But sometimes the senior leader may try to hard and put up 15-20 shots a game when he doesn’t need to. I love him as a player but his shooting woes are hurting all the other players. He has only hit 4 threes in his 21 shot attempts.

If the Rams want to win games in the Atlantic 10 at all, they need to get these two going. If they do not, it will be another long off-season.

5. No energy or passion when things get rough for the young team

This team is young and the road stretch has really hurt them. They are having a problem on the glass because they don’t have motivation or the drive to come back like they did against St. John’s. They have been out rebounded in contests the past 4 games and they went from being top in the nation in rebounding to only the middle of the pack. This team needs to realize when they are only down by 5 or even 10 points with 4 minutes left that they can come back and tie it rather than letting the lead get to yourself and lose the game by 20. For 2 years straight I have seen a team that can play only one good half and not a complete game. I am seeing that now and players need to step up and play with energy. With the addition of Lamount Samuell at the guard position it gives player some much-needed rest for the end of games. They need to prove again to the nation that they can be a contender and not a pretender year after year.

Fordham defeats Kennesaw St. 80-63

December 23, 2010

Went down to the historic Rose Hill Gym in the Bronx to report on the Rams 4th straight win:

Battle of the Bronx Preview Between Fordham and Manhattan

December 8, 2010

The Battle of the Bronx starts tonight. Wednesday’s game will be the 103rd meeting between the Rams and the Jaspers on the hardwood. Manhattan leads the all-time series, 53-49, and has won the past two matchups, including a 68-44 win in the Draddy Gymnasium last November.

Prior to the game, Fordham will honor the late Freddy “Freddy Sez” Schuman and former baseball coach Gil McDougald with a moment of silence. Schuman, who passed away in October, was a fixture at both Fordham and Manhattan basketball games with his trademark frying pan and motivational sayings. McDougald passed away last week.

Here is some key preview notes before tip off:

It could be a good day for Rams basketball at Rose Hill Gym on December 8th as Manhattan travels to meet Fordham. Tip-off is at 7:00EST. The Rams stand at 3-4 overall. The Jaspers have a lousy 2-6 record.Fordham has the advantage in this game.

In terms of how the teams are performing, Fordham dominates in two areas and also edges Manhattan in a couple more. With a 63 pts/game to 57 pts/game advantage in scoring, the Rams can put more points on the scoreboard. Fordham also leads in rebounding, 40 per game to 33 per game. Last but not least, the Rams lead assists, 12 per game to 8 per game.

The Jaspers, however, are better with blocked shots, 4 per game to 3 per game.

Last year, the Jaspers played the Rams hard and won 68-44. Over four years, Fordham has gone 2-2 against Manhattan, including 1-1 at home.

In the end, we’re hoping for a win against the Jaspers.

To get you started with some adrenalin running through your body check out the time when Chris Bethel brough Fordham to a win against Manhattan in 07-08 season. Last year, Fordham got embarrassed. This year, they need to take it to the Jaspers.

Fordham Basketball is 2-3 and looking “Ok”

December 1, 2010

When you asked anyone at Fordham University if there basketball team would start out with a 2-3 record. Most would say you are crazy. The reason is because they have only won 5 games in the past two years. But now, they have a new identity and they are looking ok as they go into their game against Harvard tonight in Massachusetts.

There are key reasons why they are 2-3 and not 1-4 or 5-0.

1. The inconsistency

This team has been inconsistent all season. That is totally fine because the team is young and new. They have a new staff and a bunch of players, new and old learning a type of basketball they haven’t played before.

Let me start off with the turnover rate. They started the first two games against Brown and Sacred Heart with a low turnover rate. They turned the ball over 10 against Brown and then 14 against Sacred Heart. Then it got worse. They turned the ball over against Hampton, LIU, and Hartford a total of 58 times and an average of almost 20 turnovers a game. They cannot allow that to happen in the future.  One player in particular to look at is Chris Gaston. He has 26 turnovers and has been giving the ball to the other team which has led to more buckets at the other end rather than in favor of Fordham.

Next is the players shooting percentages. They have been good and then awful. Freshman guard, Branden Frazier shot 2-12 from downtown and then the next game he shoots 6-9 and scores 24 points. That shooting percentage cannot be that drastic. Same goes for Brenton Butler. He shot 4-7 from downtown and selected his shots well and then shot 2-10 from downtown in a losing effort. The shot selection needs to get better so they can win more games. If the team shoots in the 30% range for the game, they are bound to lose.

2. Alberto Estwick

This guy deserves this key to success because of the way he has handled himself this year. He has really been key to this teams victories and fight. If you would have asked me how Alberto would succeed this year, I would have said he needs to come off the bench. But that is not the case. He has become a complete ball player. He is averaging 13.6 pts per a game, 2 assists, 6 rebounds, and is shooting 39% from downtown. Those are fantastic stats and it really has shown how much he has improved under Tom Pecora. To be able to be the leader on the floor and hit the outside jumper which he had problems with the past few seasons has made him so valuable. He understands what it means to be a guard that rebounds  and a complete player on both sides of the floor. Without him, i don’t think the Rams have these 2 early wins.

3. Rebounding and Defense

When Tom Pecora came to the Rose Hill Gym he always mentioned that he would bring the defensive presence that Fordham really needed. He has brought that energy and that defense to this team. This team is only allowing 63 ppg to opponents and that is 105 best in the country. That is a huge step up from last year when they were near last in that category. They also have the 6th Best Rebounding Margin int he country! THE 6TH! Last year they were dead last in this category but with the improvement in the frontcourt it has led to this success. The average 41.6 rebounds a game while the other team only gets around 29.6 a game. The key to these great stats is from the play of Marvin Dominique and Kervin Bristol. Junior, Kervin Bristol is the first player since Bryant Dunston to be a huge force in the paint. He has really done a great job with around 2 blocks in the paint to be able to tell opponents not to come into the lane. Freshman Marvin Dominique has been huge on the boards. He is averaging 8.8 rebounds a game but has had 3 straight double-digit rebound games to make his mark in the paint. This team has gone from soft to one of the toughest teams in the Atlantic 10. As always, Chris Gaston leads the team in Rebounding with 13 rebounds a game and 2 blocks a game to keep that success he had since freshman year.

4. Staying out of Foul Trouble

This team has also been staying out of Foul Trouble. They are 3rd in the nation in only having 14 fouls per a game. Chris Gaston has not been fouling and has been staying in the game along with Bristol and Dominique. These big guys are learning how to play good defense without fouling and it means that the other team is not allowed to get to the free throw line and hit free shots. They are helping themselves out than hurting themselves.

5. Lack of Free Throw percentage

This team has been shooting poorly from the line and it shows because they have definitely lost some games because of it. They are shooting 59% from the line and if they want to win more games they cannot do that. They won the Hartford game on Saturday because they shot 85% from the line. But with Dominique, Bristol, and Gaston shooting such poor percentages it could cost them points and W. They need to practice more at the line because down the stretch when the game matters, you need to hit those shots to win ball games especially in the A-10 season.

6. Lack of Depth

This lack of depth is going to kill the Rams all season long. I have no idea what Tom Pecora and his staff are doing. You have 14 players on your roster and you don’t play them. To have a 7 man rotation throughout the season is going to hurt them down at the end of the season and while wins matter, you need to find a rotation. What happens when Bristol and Dominique get in foul trouble. What about Frazier and Butler? Who comes in then. Nothing has happened like that yet, but when it does, it will kill the Rams and they will need some help from guys like Alihodzic, Green, Moquette, Freeman, and Gordon to step up.

…this team has looked new and improved and what Pecora has implanted into their minds has been working and their work ethic and mindsets are completely different. They could get back to .500 but it is going to take some hard work on both ends of the floor to win the game and not turn the ball over. If they don’t turn it over and hit their free throws, they can win the game tonight and the rest of the season. It’s a long season, but these first games have shown some promise for the Rams…