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Mets Matt Harvey gets the nod to start the All Star Game for National League

July 15, 2013


mets_rNew York Mets right-hander Matt Harvey will become the first major league pitcher in nine years to start an All-Star Game in his home ballpark.

National League manager Bruce Bochy named Harvey as the NL starter for Tuesday night’s game at Citi Field. The last pitcher to start an All-Star Game in his home ballpark was Roger Clemens with Houston in 2004.

Harvey will join Clemens as well as Esteban Loaiza (Chicago, 2003), Pedro Martinez (Boston, 1999) and Steve Rogers (Montreal, 1982) as the only pitchers to start an All-Star Game at home since expansion in 1961, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

“What a tremendous year he’s had,” Bochy said of Harvey. “It really wouldn’t have mattered what city we were playing in; with the year that he’s had, the impressive numbers that he’s put up, he would have been the starting pitcher.”

Among NL qualifiers, Harvey ranks first in strikeouts (147), second in WHIP (0.92) and third in ERA (2.35) and opponent batting average (.196). He has taken three no-hit bids into the seventh inning this season.

Harvey said he came into the season motivated to step up and fill the void created by reigning Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey‘s departure.

“It was a role I wanted to take and something I took pride in,” Harvey said. “Having this opportunity and getting the nod is one step closer. I’m very proud of it, and obviously it’s more drive to keep going and hopefully not make this my last All-Star Game.”

This is huge for Mets fans all around the country. The fact that Flushing has not hosted an All Star Game since 1964, Bruce Bochy needed to do something big for the organization and the city. He made the right decision going with the young ace. I am very excited to see #33 take the mound tomorrow and deliver in front of a packed Citi Field crowd. I expect him to be very effective and pitch a few scoreless innings while making the American League look silly striking out at the plate. The lights are now shining bright on this 24 year-old and that is just the way he wanted it to be…

The players give their reaction to Citi Field compared to Shea Stadium

August 8, 2011

Every single player around the league has been saying they don’t like Citi Field because of the dimensions or because of the feel that Shea Stadium could never have. Here is what Chipper Jones had to say about the difference:

“Citi Field is a lot bigger than Shea; it doesn’t affect me as much as it affects Wright and (Jason) Bay and those guys,” said Jones, who will return to Atlanta’s starting lineup tonight following knee and quad injuries. “At Shea there was a jet stream out to right-center. I’ve seen David tattoo balls here that sometimes get caught that would have been home runs at Shea. It’s funny to see those guys lace a ball off the wall and get to second base and look at me, like ‘Damn!’ It can be frustrating.”

He also said this about the Citi Field’s atmosphere compared to Shea’s:

He dragged his sore quad and surgically repaired knee one more time into Flushing, and the new place was something of an unpleasant reminder about how the romance and aura of the venue had flown. “Not the same atmosphere,” said Jones, who named his son after Shea. “The fans were right there on top of you. It’s a little more laid-back now, the same thing in Atlanta. You can still yell at the fans. But you got to scream a lot louder.”

Chipper is right that Citi doesn’t have the same feel that Shea ever did but I think that it all has to do with winning. Whenever Chipper would come to Shea, the Mets were always putting up a good year or trying to take the Braves out of contention. Now, the Mets have been so bad they can’t even compete with the Braves. They have had difficulty winning series after series. As for the stadium dimensions, they are completely different than Shea and they were made that way so pitchers couldn’t give up so many home runs just like the big one in 2006 that Aaron Heilman gave up in the NLCS. Overall, I think his points are very valid and I think you could see a change with the stadium and with the team. In a few years, the atmosphere will be back to where it was in Shea when you saw tons of magic. But one thing that won’t change is that Chipper Jones will always be a Met killer…

Photo Gallery: Mets vs. Braves at Citi Field

August 7, 2011

Hey sports fans! Here is a slide show of Friday’s game between the Mets and the Braves at Citi Field in Flushing, Queens. The Braves ended up winning by a score of 4 to 1 and defense played a big role in the matchup. The pictures were taken on my brand new Cannon Rebel camera and they came out really good. If you want to let me know how the pictures look or if the slide show is good just leave a comment and I would love to respond. Thanks for everything and enjoy!

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