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Brett Favre begins a new career after football, coaching Colt McCoy

August 16, 2011

Colt McCoy was magic as the starting Quarterback at Texas and he has been working hard to mature into a star Quarterback in the NFL. He has an opportunity to prove himself in the Cleveland Browns organization, but he is trying to steer cleer of the woes Brady Quinn and other College phenoms faced as the pressure of taking the starting role got to them.  He sought guidance from a legend in Brett Favre this off season…

 McCoy said the pair of quarterbacks — the graying gunslinger and his eager-to-learn protege — immersed themselves in nothing but football.”He’s an outstanding guy and I learned a lot, ” McCoy said, “so I was thankful for him being open to me even coming down there. It’s the first time we had met. It was a lot of fun.”….

I was at home and I’ve always liked watching Brett play and some of the stuff (plays) we had from Green Bay was him and it just occurred to me, why not call and see what he’s doing?” McCoy said. “I had no idea, I just took a shot. And we ended up getting together and spending a couple of days. It was fun.”… 

Because McCoy wasn’t permitted to have any contact during the lockout with first-year Browns coach Pat Shurmur or any of his assistants, he was looking for help with the West Coast. McCoy was able to get a copy of Shurmur’s playbook during a one-day break in the labor strife. But without anyone to explain it to him, McCoy needed help.

The Xs and Os, the arrows, the terminology. It was like a foreign language to McCoy.

Enter Favre, who knows the West Coast as well as anyone.

Favre first learned the system in Green Bay under Browns president Mike Holmgren, who coached the Packers from 1992-98. McCoy figured if Favre was available, it would be a waste not to ask the master.

Colt McCoy has an edge over other young Quarterbacks in the way he kept his mind fresh. Coaches have been complaining that young players worked extremely hard on being physically in shape during the lockout, but few took the extra step of studying the game…

“He helped me on some things,” McCoy said. “I had the playbook and I had some tape. But you can go down and ask him, ‘OK, vs. this, what call do you make here? And you see a pressure, what call can you make to adjust?’ Those are the things that we talked about. Same things I would ask a coach. But now that I’m here, and with coaches every day, we’re way past that.

“But during that time, Brett was very helpful.”

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

…Brett Favre may not be the classiest guy after premiering in jeans commercials and illegidly showing his little Brett Favre to a Jets cheerleader, but he knows his playbooks. It is an undeniable fact that he worked in the Jets and Vikings system. Interceptions were a major problem for him in his career, but only for the fact that he was a risk taker. Colt McCoy will not be the same Quarterback as Favre; however, he will learn to take on that new mentality to the offense. McCoy may not have a lot to work with, but I expect him to have flashes of magic.

The interview asked McCoy if Favre said he’d come back to play. McCoy avoided the question, but everyone knows the answer, and they think he should stay at home. Brett Favre can serve a purpose on the bench of any team in the NFl as a barely playing mentor. Mark Brunell has been teaching Mark Sanchez all the ins and outs of the offense and he does it every game on the sidelines and if the opportunity shows itself he gets a few snaps. It’s the only solution to Brett Favre’s dillema of aging and football…

Mark Schlereth on the new rule in NFL

October 20, 2010



…I love this guy on ESPN because of how passionate he is. I really love what he is saying here. They make you buy videos on the hits but you can’t execute them at all. It’s not fair. I also enjoyed the part when he said teams should play two hand touch during the games to see what the league does. I think if teams did that, they would rebel against what the NFL is trying to say which is don’t hit hard. As I said before the NFL needs to wear pants, not skirts, and play with the pigskin not a feather. Ultimately because of this rule change, players like Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison who was fined $75,000 for hits on the Cleveland Browns, is questioning retirement. This cannot be happening…