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Photo of the Day: #4 Auburn upsets #1 Alabama 34-28 in Iron Bowl

December 2, 2013


This picture is beautiful and describes the win and the rivalry perfectly. Everyone from the state of Alabama was present at the Iron Bowl in Auburn. My goodness the Jordan-Hare Stadium was rocking and every student rushed the field in a sea of orange and navy blue. This college football game will be talked about for a very, very long time and the significance behind it was remarkable. That’s the beauty of sports, one moment lives on forever…

Photo of the Week: Johnny Manziel Taunt

September 3, 2013
( news services)

( news services)

This is one of the worst things you could do as a Heisman trophy winner and as a star quarterback in college football who just got off on a ridiculous scandal. Texas A&M beat Rice 52-31 and Johnny Manziel had the nerve to start taunting the Rice players after touchdowns. This photo here shows him signing autographs on his hand to the Rice players and then handing it out to them after a score. I am sorry but that is very uncalled for and very immature on his part. I show this photo because it should be a sign to athletes around the country that if you don’t play the game with respect, you will end up looking like #2 in College Station. You definitely don’t want that. The key is learn from your mistakes and get better. We shall see what Mr. Manziel does in week 2…

BCS Bustin’ – Why Boise St. and other mid-major powers deserve equal opportunities in the BCS National Championship

September 25, 2011

Here is an article written from our new writer, Nathan Rupe. It’s a great article and is very well done. Check it out…

(Photo By: Robert Beck/SI)

Although he’s an afterthought when it comes to NFL accomplishments, former Utah Utes quarterback Alex Smith led one of the most groundbreaking teams in college football history. The 2004 Utah Utes team was expected to be good, they began the season ranked 19th in the country. However, few expected the team to blast through 11 opponents en route to an undefeated regular season – and they did just that. The reason this season was so significant wasn’t just because of the perfect season, it was also because of the conference Utah was a part of. The Mountain West Conference is not an automatic qualifying conference, meaning that the conference champions do not earn a spot in one of the BCS Bowl Games, considered to be the biggest games of the post-season (Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl).

When the Utah Utes earned a spot in the 2004 Fiesta Bowl opposite the Pittsburgh Panthers, it was the first time in college football history that a non-AQ team made it into a BCS Bowl game. The question then turned to whether or not the Utes were a good football team, or the product of an easy schedule – they didn’t play a single ranked team all season. All doubt were put to rest when the Utes blew out Pittsburgh 35-7, proving their status as one of the best teams in college football.
Fast-forward to the present, four schools have now become “BCS Busters” by breaking into a BCS Bowl game from a non-AQ conference (Utah, TCU, Boise St., Hawaii). Against opponents from an AQ conference, BCS Busters are 4-1. Of all of the total seven BCS Buster appearances however, none have ever participated in the National Championship game. Last year’s undefeated TCU team, that beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl actually received some first place votes from AP voters at the end of the season, but it was for naught and the BCS title game winner Auburn remained the undisputed National Champion of the season.
However, despite TCU’s success the clear leader of mid-major conferences against the BCS is Boise St. Since 2004, Boise St. has four undefeated seasons and a one-loss season to their credit. They stunned the heavily favored Oklahoma Sooners in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl, and have beaten fellow BCS Busters TCU twice in the Fiesta Bowl. During last season, Boise St. was a near lock for a BCS Bowl all year until an overtime stunner against Nevada knocked them out of contention.
There lies the issue.
Should a team with the impressive credentials of Boise St. be dropped from major bowl contention because of a single loss? A three-point loss in overtime at that, and against a ranked team in Nevada. Boise’s season was disregarded due to their conference – the Western Atlantic Conference, a non-AQ conference. It wasn’t Boise’s first snub from BCS selection either, in 2004 an 11-0 record and #9 ranking wasn’t enough to earn them a spot in a BCS Bowl, as well as a 12-0 season in 2008. In fact, they ended the 2004 season as the only undefeated team in College Football, yet didn’t earn a spot in the National Title game (which hosted a one-loss Florida Gators squad).
The common criticism against Boise St. and other successful teams from non-AQ conferences, is the lack of competition they face year-round. After all, a team that spends the year beating push-overs wouldn’t be able to hang with an SEC team used to playing the very best on an almost weekly basis, right? Not quite. Boise’s season opening blowout of SEC powerhouse Georgia seems to have finally opened people’s eyes to just how good mid-major teams can be.
Currently 2-0, and ranked 4th in the nation will this be the year that BCS polls finally invite Boise St. into the National Championship game? Or will the constantly underappreciated Broncos find themselves snubbed by voters once again?
Only time will tell, but at this point it’s hard to argue just how competitive non-AQ teams are capable of being.

This Day in Sports History: Appalachian St. defeats #5 Michigan

September 1, 2011

This was a great day for FCS schools beating a top team in the nation like Michigan. In my own opinion and experience, the FCS is so much better than the BCS because they actually have a tournament to decide which team will be the nations champion and a lot of the schools do not have scholarship players. They play because they love the game of football. Now you might see the occasional upset here and there but nothing as big as this one. This win by Appalachian St really proved to the world that in any given day in college football, you can be defeated. I could remember watching it like it was yesterday…

Michigan Renovates Stadium Even With Bad Economy

July 19, 2010

via ESPN:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The University of Michigan made a lot of changes to the Big House, erecting luxury boxes and club seats in towering structures that loom along both sidelines as part of a $226 million renovation.

Tour of the newly renovated Michigan Football Stadium on July 14th, 2010. (MARISSA MCCLAIN/ Daily)

It also increased the seating capacity to 109,901 for this season — up about 2,000 — to reclaim the distinction from Penn State of having the largest football stadium in the country.

Athletic director Dave Brandon is already envisioning the iconic venue getting even bigger.

“We’re already looking at future expansion,” he said Wednesday after the media and public got a chance to tour the new-look stadium.

Brandon said the project — which started a day after the 2007 season ended — is on budget and on time. He said revenue generated by suites and club seats has already covered costs.

“It’s already a financial win,” he said.

But the school still has some selling to do before the opener Sept. 4 at home against Connecticut. Twenty of the 81 suites are available and about 80 percent of the 2,952 club seats haven’t been sold yet.

Brandon said he’s optimistic that giving people a chance to sit in comfy club seats and walk into posh suites — an opportunity they had for 14 hours Wednesday — will be great marketing that should boost sales.

Season-ticket holder Ken Close, a 60-year-old resident of Toledo, Ohio, took advantage of the public tour because he doesn’t expect to have the money or a friend rich enough to see the premium seats again.

“I think this is great,” Close said. “I know some traditionalists didn’t want to make these big changes, but I think they’re wonderful. We’ll make new memories here. You have to grow with the times.”

226 MILLION DOLLARS???? are you kidding me??? This must be a joke right? You know what this economy could do with that amount of money? Instead of helping out the world right now, sports stadiums are getting bigger and bigger or changing every other year. From looking at the new Yankee Stadium everyday that was 1 billion dollars to now this renovation on a college football game. This is outrageous and needs to be stopped because this money could be used for bigger and better things even academically than athletically. People need to manage their money better…

…It also increased the seating capacity to 109,901 for this season. That is a ton of people, probably more than the state of Rhode Island. That is way too many people to attend a game. Speaking of attendance, Twenty of the 81 suites are available and about 80 percent of the 2,952 club seats haven’t been sold yet for the September 4th opener against Connecticut. Who has the money to go to the game?? You can go watch it on TV for free in  a bar. Seriously, this is crazy. How do they expect to fill up the stadium September 4th…

…Here is the best part. Season-ticket holder Ken Close, a 60-year-old resident of Toledo, Ohio, took advantage of the public tour because he doesn’t expect to have the money or a friend rich enough to see the premium seats again. So he took out money, for one game he will go to in the renovated stadium? Wow. That is crazy. I understand that he has been a season ticket holder but it’s not worth the money and time if you can only go to one because they are so expensive. This really annoyed me because money in sports could be used for better things especially in college but obviously they are not and it is effecting everyone…