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The Sports Cycle Blog Report #2

September 13, 2010

Sorry for the delay folks, the update was supposed to be on Thursday but have had a lot of conflicts the past few days. Enjoy!

New York Jets: Darrelle Revis update

August 30, 2010

How much longer will he holdout?

Via ESPN New York:

Exactly one month after they opened training camp, the New York Jets still haven’t seen Darrelle Revis. What does one do when holding out from training camp? Exotic vacation? Take a class at the ‘ol alma mater? Organize your own Fantasy Football league? How about spending time at home?

According to the Beaver County (Pa.) Times, Revis has returned to his roots in Aliquippa, Pa., for at least part of his holdout. He’s been working out at a gym in Hopewell under the direction of a former local high school football player who’s now a personal trainer. He’s been seen running at the track at Hopewell HS. He’s been spotted in a convenience store in Center Township.

Working out. Running. Shopping. Hanging with family.

And making the Jets sweat.

The Holdout has been going on for 29 days and 1 hour

…The Jets need to get this done and they need to get it done soon. With Calvin Pace recently hurt for the next 6 weeks, they need the best corner in the league. If it we me, I would pay all the money in the world to get him. The Jets want to humble him and want him to become a team player. But what the Jets really need is to see him on the field rather than shopping or spending time working out somewhere else. This is going to be a big story in the next weeks and it already has been 29 days. Could it be more…