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#7 Marquette beats #12 Georgetown 83-69 on Senior Day

March 4, 2012

Donnie Dwyer reports from the Bradley Center on Marquette’s Senior Day as the fans say Goodbye to Jae Crowder and Darius Johnson Odom…

Marquette Madness and Ram Town Start Tonight

October 15, 2010

Are you ready for some basketball college hoops fans? Well tonight is going to be just a great night of Marquette basketball and Fordham Basketball. For both teams, this is the first night where they can start practicing for the first time and show the fans out there what to expect going into the season.

For Fordham, it is of just hope. It is of what can Atlantic 10 rookie of the year, Chris Gaston and the Senior leader Brenton Butler do for the team this year. With a lot of incoming freshman and transfers entering the program, people are going to start questioning the production of the youth. But that is not the only young part of the team. There is a whole new coaching staff with Tom Pecora as the leader in and people also want to know what can this guy bring to Fordham Basketball to put them on the map. He has won 3 consecutive 20 win seasons at Hofstra and the Fordham faithful want the same success for this year and years to come. One team that always pumped me up and got me to love Fordham Basketball was the years of Bryant Dunston, Jermaine Anderson, Marcus Stout, Michael Binns, and Sebastian Greene. That team really put Fordham on the map when they were in the dumps and changed the dynamic of the program. And so I give a Video Tribute (BELOW) to them at the bottom of the page to pump up Fordham Fans around the nation for tonight’s action. Just hearing the name Bryant Dunston from the arena announcer gives me goosebumps and wants to bring back success to the Bronx. But all fans should check out the event and all of its details tonight at the Rose Hill Gym at 9 PM EST. For more information…Click Here

On the flip side, Marquette Madness is back for another year. After finishing a surprising fourth in the Big East last year they look to continue their success with Buzz Williams leading the pack. With players like DJO (Darius Johnson-Odom), Jimmy Butler, Junior Cadougan, Dwight Buycks, and Joe Fulce back, they look to make another run for the Big East Tournament and National Championship. The one thing to look out for is the newcomers. After losing a success senior class of Lazar Hayward, David Cubillan, and Mo Acker they bring in a highly ranked recruiting class to help out this year. Some names to look out for is the Madison-Memorial stud in Vander Blue, the Junior College Player of the Year in Jae Crowder, the defensive presence of Jamil Jones, Sharp shooter in Reggie Smith, and the big man Davante Gardner to help in the post alongside Chris Otule. The team is going to play hard defense and will beat you with their speed all season. It should be great to see them in action tonight. But the key things to look out for if you are a Marquette fan is the Intro video for this years team and the Dunk Contest. My personal favorite is from 2008 with their key slogan “Pray.” Check the Video out down below. The other thing is the Dunk Contest. Joe Fulce is trying to win his third straight but he has some competition with the youth coming in here. I look for a guy like Jae Crowder or Reggie Smith to take it home. Below is a video of the “Big Three” in the Dunk Contest in 2007 and these are sick dunks that need to be seen. For more information on Madness and the events that it entails…Click Here

Madness Video

Dunk Contest