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Fordham defeats Georgia Tech 72-66

December 30, 2011

The Sports Cycle’s Donnie Dwyer goes down to the Rose Hill Gym to report on Fordham taking on Georgia Tech. First time in 47 year since an ACC team has come to the Rose Hill Gym and Fordham did not disappoint. Chris Gaston’s 10th double double and Branden Frazier’s 19 points lead them to another victory and improve their record to 6-6. The #23 ranked Harvard Crimson visit the Rose Hill Gym Tuesday January 2nd.


Fordham Basketball Wins 4 in a row, then looses 5 in a row

January 18, 2011

What a turn of the tide it has been Fordham basketball fans. It really has been a strange season for this Rams team. Starting off 0-2 then turning to 2-4. Then winning 4 in a row and beating St. John’s to bring their record to 6-4. Fans thought this was a spark and time to realize that Fordham basketball is back on the map. I even thought they were watching them play Kennesaw St. in their win at the Rose Hill Gym. But then came the winter and Fordham just became literally cold losing their last 5 games. But here are 5 reasons why I think they have lost 5 in a row :

1. Georgia Tech game cancelled

This was a game that I know this Rams team was dying to play. They realized they could beat a very good Big East team in St. John’s it was time to take on a solid ACC program. I think that not playing this game hurt their psyche because they wanted to prove something to the nation but instead it left them more time at home wondering what is next rather than what was in front of them. I know the players really missed that.

2. Bad time for West Coast road trip

The weather hit the New York/New Jersey area and that is when Fordham had to make a trip out West to play in the Cable Car classic. It was just not a very good time for the Rams to head away from the Rose Hill Gym. They ended up with flight delays and tons of traveling through Pittsburgh where they practiced at Robert Morris. Then the team flew over in three separate groups to make it to California. This took a lot out of the team and they didn’t play like the team they were supposed to early in the season. This was just the start of their troubles. The scheduling hurt them and they responded like the weather, cold.

3. Too many home games in the beginning of the year

Fordham started out playing their first 5 games at home. You think it would be a good decision because you can gain chemistry and you can start winning at home on the right foot. It looked amazing when the team started out 6-4. Then they went to California and played already two road games in the Atlantic 10 and have not fared well. Not to mention they also played their lone Atlantic 10 home game at the Izod Center in New Jersey. So they basically have played 5 road games and it gets worse as they host St. Louis at the Izod Center on Wednesday. This means they will basically play 6 road games in a row after starting out 5 in a row at home. I think they need to schedule it differently next year because this stretch is really hurting the team right now and they need to win soon or else everyone will think Fordham is still the team that will lose every game in the Atlantic 10. KEY STAT: The Rams are scoring 58.2 points a game during the  losing streak and averaged 77.7 points in the 4 game winning streak.

4. Teams have figured out how to shut down Chris Gaston and Butler

Chris Gaston is a double-double machine and was on a tear in the Fordham wins. But  teams are shutting him down now. He is not getting to the free throw line, shooting a poor field goal percentage, and isn’t the same rebounder. He only had 8 points against Temple, 14 against GW, and 10 against Charlotte. He is used to putting up 18 on average like last year and team now know if you get the ball out of his hands, the other team will win. He also has single digit rebounds of 5, 8, and 9 his past three games. If they are going to win they need his production to boost to the Chris Gaston that we knew from his A-10 rookie of the year performance.

On the other side, Brenton Butler is having a hard time putting the ball in the basketball because teams know what the 5 year senior is going to do. They know he is going to shoot off dribble, take three pointers, and try to be a leader on a young team. But sometimes the senior leader may try to hard and put up 15-20 shots a game when he doesn’t need to. I love him as a player but his shooting woes are hurting all the other players. He has only hit 4 threes in his 21 shot attempts.

If the Rams want to win games in the Atlantic 10 at all, they need to get these two going. If they do not, it will be another long off-season.

5. No energy or passion when things get rough for the young team

This team is young and the road stretch has really hurt them. They are having a problem on the glass because they don’t have motivation or the drive to come back like they did against St. John’s. They have been out rebounded in contests the past 4 games and they went from being top in the nation in rebounding to only the middle of the pack. This team needs to realize when they are only down by 5 or even 10 points with 4 minutes left that they can come back and tie it rather than letting the lead get to yourself and lose the game by 20. For 2 years straight I have seen a team that can play only one good half and not a complete game. I am seeing that now and players need to step up and play with energy. With the addition of Lamount Samuell at the guard position it gives player some much-needed rest for the end of games. They need to prove again to the nation that they can be a contender and not a pretender year after year.