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Marquette’s Jimmy Butler talks to ESPN’s Andy Katz

June 20, 2011

This is a great story from a great kid. This is a kid you want to get drafted into the NBA because he does everything right as a player, he is humbled, and all he wants to do be a team player on a winning team. I think his story is great for any young athlete wanting to become a future pro or star in sports. If you work hard and you do everything to succeed, a guardian angel will help you and give you chances to be great. I think Jimmy Butler can be a great role player like Wes Matthews was on the Portland Trailblazers. We’ll see what happens on Thursday…


Marquette’s Jimmy Butler on the front of ESPN website

June 18, 2011

Here is a picture of Marquette NBA prospect Jimmy Butler on the cover of


This is a great pic and exposure for the young man from Marquette. His story is interesting and inspiring for any young athlete. He also is a great player and he will get a chance to play in the NBA. I have to say that I had an honor interviewing him and being able to watch him play. He is a class act, a quiet leader, and he learns from example. That is why he is a Golden Eagle for life…

Marquette basketball fans say goodbye to the team before sweet sixteen battle in NCAA tournament

March 22, 2011

Video of today at the Al McGuire Center where the Marquette basketball players loaded the bus and traveled to Newark, New jersey to take on the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

Video Report: Marquette Senior Tribute

March 7, 2011

Jimmy Butler scored 30 on Senior Night (Jim Prisching, Associated Press)

The Sports Cycle’s Donnie Dwyer travels down to the Bradley Center to report on Senior Night. I went into the stands and talked to the fans about their favorite senior and what they would say to them on their final game in Milwaukee. Marquette lost the game however, 67-60 against Cincinnati.

What Fans think of Marquette Basketball this season

February 18, 2011

CBS 58 Sports intern, Donnie Dwyer, went down to the Bradley Center to find out what fans think of their Golden Eagles. The fans talked about their favorite players, Buzz Williams, and tournament chances. 

Marquette basketball against Big East Big Men

February 3, 2011

Marquette is having a year that is filled with high and low points. The high when beating #10 ranked Syracuse for the first time in many years and beating Notre Dame by 22 at the Bradley Center. Then the lows of losing to Louisville with an 18 point lead, losing to Vanderbilt on the last play, and losing to Wisconsin at the Bradley center in the instate rivalry.

While those wins and loses may mean something to many people, the thing that matters the most to me is how the big men in the Big East have taken Marquette to school. Take a look at these stats:

at Pitt: Gary McGhee: 12 pts 6 reb 3 blks Gilbert Brown: 14pts 7 reb 1 blk

at Louisville: Terrence Jennings: 7pts 8 reb (4 off) in 20 min of play George Goode: 7 pts 6 reb in 14 min of play

at Notre Dame: Carleton Scott: 11 pts and 10 reb 1 blk

vs. UConn: Jeremy Lamb: 24 pts Charles Okwandu: 10 reb Roscoe Smith: 11 pts 8 reb (5 off)

at Villanova: Antonio Pena: 14 pts 1o reb (2 off) 2 blks Mouphtaou Yarou: 18 pts 5 reb (3 off)

Special non-conference selection: vs. Duke: Mason Plumlee: 25 pts 12 reb and 5 blks

Notice how many offense rebounds have been given up. When your tallest player playing most of the game is Jae Crowder and Jimmy Butler at 6 foot 6, I don’t think you are going to win many ball games. The rebounding has killed them all year and if they get a few possessions from those rebounds, they could have upset so many teams. It is just so hard to win without a big man who can rebound and block shots for you.

I have always said that Marquette always needed a player like a Blake Griffin or Amare Stoudemire type. A guy who can rebound the basketball at will and attack the basket with force to get to the free throw line. Unfortunately, Marquette and Buzz Williams only wants to pick up guards who are fast, can shoot the ball, and can play at multiple positions.

Without a quality big, does Marquette ever think they will advance far in the NCAA tournament let alone the Big East year after year? They have shown in the past they can be effective. But how long will effective be not enough?

Golden Eagles open season at home vs. Prairie View A&M Panthers

November 12, 2010

Via Cracked Sidewalks:

Could Jae Crowder have looked any more like Lazar in his number 32, playing defense 30 feet from the basket while overpowering everyone underneath for 10 rebounds, 3 steals and 6 of 9 shooting including a trey. WOW. Jamail Jones looked just as good, albeit in just 8 minutes. Add them to Jimmy Butler, and MU has three unbelievable swing men. The Panthers can put a tall guard or a struggling 6-foot-7 big player on one or more of them, but this is where MU will have its biggest mismatch opportunities.

…This is key for the Golden Eagles is Jae Crowder, Jimmy Butler, and Jamail Jones. They are all tough, can play in the post, and get to the foul line. Oh! And not to mention, get tons of REBOUNDS. That is something the team is going to need to do to win a lot of games in the Big East. Even though this Prairie View A&M team is from the SWAC and is small, they gave Cincinnati a run for their money last year in a 69-62 loss and coach Buzz talked about how this game is very important. He thinks they could possibly get upset if they play the way they did against St. John’s (Minnesota). But if the Golden Eagles want to win it will have to come with protection of the ball on offense and defend the three-point line. If they can do those two things, they will win the game….

My prediction: Marquette 70 – Prairie View A&M 55