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Photo Gallery: Fordham beats Duquesne 82-75

January 22, 2013

Here is the photos taken at Fordham’s 82-75 win over the Dukes. I hope you enjoy them.

I want to see more Luka Zivkovic this season

November 2, 2012

Hey Fordham basketball fans. It’s 1:47 am eastern time and I am a night owl, so I thought I would write on Fordham basketball. I will have a video of the non-conference schedule before the season, so keep an eye out on that. Busy work week with tons of High School Championships across the UP. Anyways, let me get into more about the sophomore forward from Serbia.

I really like the kids talents on this Fordham team. He’s got length, he plays team basketball when on the floor, and he can knock down a shot from downtown. After reading that you are wondering, why doesn’t this guy play?

Well, Coach Pecora loves to play 3 to 4 guards on the court at a time. I can see them playing very small this season. Why? I have no idea considering the A-10 and most of their schedule is filled with talented bigs.

But I want to see Luka play a lot more. When I watched this kid in warm ups last year, I saw potential and a team player. So why doesn’t he play?

I think with Luka in the loop of the rotation this year, it could spread out the floor tremendously. It could give isolation plays to Chris Gaston in the post which could set up potential double teams and then a kick out for an open three pointer.

Just imagine if you had Jeff Short, Brandon Frazier, Jermaine Myers, and Luka on the floor? That would create instant offensive production and a ton of points because they can knock down shots and penetrate to the rim and score.

Now I am not saying play him 30 minutes and make him a star. I say, play him 10-13 minutes and let him play team basketball and spread the floor. If you can spread the defense out like Coach wants in that 3 guard offense, then why not add a guy who is 6-8 and just as athletic?

It’s just a thought Fordham fans. When I watched him against Syracuse and St. Louis I saw him pass like the best of them and knock down shots like the best of them. His defense needs to improve and I do understand that.  But defense only gets better when you play in the game and get a feel for it.

Here is a perfect scenario for Luka. Say Fordham is down by 5 with 8 minutes in the half.  That should be the time Coach Pecora puts him in and uses that energy and shooting ability to his advantage. I could see him scoring 6 to 8 points by end of half and gives you a spark going into halftime.

Honestly, It just stinks seeing him sit on the bench like he did last year. I think he could make an impact this season. If the coaches did a good job of working with the “project,” then we should see more of him this season.

I am on board, are you?

Fordham Basketball Photos (Texas St. – Xavier)

January 25, 2012

Here is a Photo Gallery of Fordham Basketball Players warming up from the Texas State game through the Xavier game over my break. Got some cool and emotional shots! Hope you enjoy it fans…

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