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Donnie Dwyer’s NBA Pre-season picks

October 26, 2010

Donnie Dwyer’s 2010-2011 NBA picks for the season because the NBA season starts tonight:

Eastern Conference

1. Orlando Magic – Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson looking to get back to the Finals any way they can.

2. Miami Heat – Big three will be hard to stop.

3. Boston Celtics – Their version of the Big three is unstoppable with a deep bench and very good defense.

4.  Atlanta Hawks – Offensive and Defensive side of the ball is amazing. Jordan Crawford from Xavier might be ROY.

5. Milwaukee Bucks – Brandon Jennings and Salmons look to take the Central by storm.

6. New York Knicks – With newly acquire Amare’ Stoudemire and Ray Felton, the Knicks are a serious contender.

7. Chicago Bulls – one of the best PG in the game, Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer look to take over Chi-town.

8. Detroit Pistons – Young and full of surprises from Austin Daye to DaJuan Summers and Rookie Greg Monroe.

9. Washington Wizards – John Wall is the potential ROY along side Arenas in the backcourt but have strong front court with Blatche.

10. Cleveland Cavaliers – No Lebron means rebuilding year. Hickson shows shades of stardom and Mo Williams will  lead troops.

11. Charlotte Bobcats – Loss key PG in Felton. Very young but with lack of frontcourt, will hurt their chances of making the playoffs.

12. New Jersey Nets – A lot better than last year. Harris and Lopez are All Stars and win about 22 games. Much improved than 12.

13. Toronto Raptors – No Bosh and Turkoglu. Need to develop through the draft. Very inexperienced team that needs a PG.

14. Indiana Pacers – Hibbert has shown he can be a valuable Center in the league. Collinson is a future star. Healthy Granger leads to W’s.

15. Philadelphia 76ers – Too many youth and questionable players on roster. Players will find it hard to adjust to Coach Doug Collins system.

Western Conference

1. Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum looking for 3 peat.

2. Phoenix Suns– May have lost Amare’ but Nash, Turkoglu, Childress, Frye, and Richardson will step up and play the fast pace game.

3. Denver Nuggets – Their Defense is spectacular and if they retain Carmelo through the year, they could make some noise.

4. Memphis Grizzlies – Surprise team of the league. Best young talent and Conley will prove to be top 5 PG in conference.

5. Portland Trailblazers – Roy and some savvy veterans will lead the bunch along with Cunningham and Matthews for the youth.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder – Future MVP Durant will lead the team to many more wins. With Westbrook controlling the point, they become a threat.

7. San Antonio Spurs – Defense and the health of their players will be key with the likes of Duncan, Jefferson, Ginobili, and Parker.

8. Dallas Mavericks – Dirk and Kidd will be key to success along with their 6th man Terry. Need to find some frontcourt help.

9. Utah Jazz- Too many loses hurt them but realize that Gordon Hayward will be a star and Deron Williams will be the leader.

10. Houston – Have talent at each position but need to mold youth of Hill, Brooks, and Budinger. Need Yao healthy at Center to win.

11. Los Angeles Clippers – Rookie Blake Griffin will improve young team along with the veterans of Chris Kaman and Baron Davis.

12. Sacramento Kings – Last year’s ROY Tyreke Evans and this young team mold under Paul Westphal. Frontcourt is much improved.

13. New Orleans Hornets- Chris Paul wants out and they have too much Salary Cap they need to get rid of. Hard to be successful.

14. Golden State Warriors- Defense is very poor. Steph Curry, David Lee, and Monta Ellis are scoring studs but lose by a lot of points.

15. Minnesota Timberwolves – Too many problems on the roster. Will have difficulty rebounding but Kevin Love will be a star. Wes Johnson will struggle in first year.

…Very excited for the season and I really want to see what is going to happen with the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Lakers. Can the Lakers three-peat? I don’t know but we will find out. However in the west, the key team to watch out for is the Memphis Grizzlies. They are going to become a young legitimate force in the league with Gasol, Conley, Mayo, and Gay. They will vastly improve while the teams like the Jazz and the Mavericks might be a step back from everyone else. On the other side of the spectrum, The East will improve more than people say it will and this should make for a good season. Finally, the Nets won’t be the worst team in the league. With a lot of young talent, they will actually show some teams that in a few years they could be possible contenders. It’s NBA Time! Get excited folks…