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We didn’t start the fire!

August 31, 2010

Nothing is more classic than Billy Joel’s song “We didn’t start the fire.” Well in Irvine Califronia, one golfer really did start a fire. 

Forget “Fore!” “Fire!” was the cry of the day for a golfer whose off-target swing sparked a 12-acre blaze in Southern California. The golfer at the Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine landed a shot in the rough Saturday. On his next swing, his club snagged a rock, causing a spark that lit the rough ablaze and eventually attracted 150 firefighters to the scene. Fire officials say the fire burned through the rough, into vegetation next to the course and over two dry, brushy hillsides. No charges were filed against the golfer, whose name was withheld. 

…I feel really bad for this guy because of how crazy this story really is. He hits the club on the ground very hard which causes a spark which then caused a big forest fire?? Things like this don’t happen. I have done this numerous times at the driving range or even at the golf course when it is dark and it hasn’t irrupted into a sitaution like this. (VIDEO BELOW) But it is really scary when you actually hit a shot like that and I wonder if the guy who did this would ever consider playing golf again. If someone went up to him and said, “So what?” I think he should say, “So let’s dance!”…