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Fordham basketball starting to win and starting to advertise

December 6, 2011

As a Fordham basketball fan for a lot of years there is nothing more you want than winning. You could feel the sense of a turnaround in 2005 when they made the Atlantic 10 tournament a couple of times and almost went to the championship game with Bryant Dunston and company. After the Dunston-Stout-Binns-Greene-Anderson era ended in 2008, Fordham basketball was ready for change.

They won three games in 2008-09 and two in 2009-10. Losing became a part of life. Then in 2010, Tom Pecora was named Head Coach of the Rams and was ready to pull up his sleeves and get to work rebuilding. Well after one season he won seven games and nothing was as magical as beating St. John’s in the Rose Hill Gym. I am not gonna lie, I cried in my dorm room in happiness when that happened. I had never seen anything so wonderful in my life. 

(Paul J. Bereswill)

So as I was saying, the potential is here and the winning is coming. Already into the season the Rams are 3-3 and are learning valuable lessons in every single game.  But now comes the question, who is going to watch the games?

That has been the hardest part for Fordham since I have ever been there. Who wants to watch a basketball game in an atmosphere that is like a high school gymnasium? The answer is you have to advertise and tell people who Fordham Basketball is and what you are ready to do for the campus and the alumni in the Atlantic 10.

Many of you have seen the New York Daily News post and the radio spot by Mike Breen calling Fordham Basketball “College Basketball – New York Style.” Many have been questioning this move by the athletic department and by Fordham basketball junkies. Why spend money on advertising when we can have a new gymnasium?

Well I have to tell you folks, I don’t think there will be a new gym for a long time. The University is focusing on new dorms and buildings to improve living and education. Where could you put an arena in the Bronx? The answer is you just cannot. The Izod experiment last year just didn’t work and the Rams won’t be playing games there this season. That is why Coach Pecora and the players are trying to make this gym special and win with the loudest atmosphere in the country.

That message has to be sent out to fans and alumni NOW. From a lot of experience watching and being a part of college basketball I have to say that a packed Rose Hill Gym is much more of an advantage than a packed Bradley Center. The floor in the Rose Hill Gym actually shakes when it is at full capacity and the players can feel the difference. Players used to tell me, it would get their adrenaline up and they would play twice as hard and be very focused during those times.

Coach Pecora and the players are now trying to send a message to the fans, “Support us!” You support us in our gym and we will bring the energy and the wins. If you show up to the Rose Hill Gym on a Monday night it can help these kids work harder and get better with that kind of support.

Advertising helps the program gain recognition. It’s time to get Fordham back in the national spotlight. Examples would be games on ESPN, players names in news articles and weekly awards, and finally make other schools in the Atlantic 10 talk about how dangerous Fordham’s team is and that they can’t seem to lose at their historic gym. That would be BIG TIME and a huge step in progress. I realize Fordham basketball wasn’t created in one day and know that it takes time and money.  

So my final words to Fordham fans and people new to Fordham basketball, it’s time to support the players. Make the Rose Hill Gym known to the countyand see if Fordham can own the title of being “The Best” in New York City. There are so many teams that play in the Metro area like Iona, St. John’s, Wagner, LIU, and Hofstra. How nice would it be to be the best? It would make Fordham feel like a topic of discussion, rather than a second thought.

New York Magazine: Hey, Fordham Beat a Team That Beat the National Champion!

April 6, 2011

Via New York Magazine:

Goldfield for NY Daily News

It may not warrant a banner inside the Rose Hill Gym — in fact, this may not be worth celebrating at all, particularly to those who don’t follow Fordham basketball — but it dawned on us last night that new national champion UConn lost this season to a team, St. John’s, that itself lost to Fordham. (Storm that court, kids!) In search of a precedent, we contacted the Elias Sports Bureau and learned that it’s been 28 years since Fordham beat a team that defeated the eventual champion during that same season. On February 10, 1983, the Rams defeated Notre Dame (a team coached by former Fordham coach Digger Phelps). Then, in their very next game, the Irish defeated eventual champion North Carolina State (a team whose roster included future Fordham head coach Dereck Whittenburg). Like we said, not exactly banner-worthy, but when your alma mater’s coming off a 7–21 campaign, the little things help. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go watch that court-storming video again.

 …This article really annoys me. While many say, “Hey! It’s great to get some publicity!” My answer to that is, What publicity? That Fordham is a bad team that shouldn’t have beat St. John’s. That the world is ok because Fordham beat St. John’s. That doesn’t make any sense to me because they finished the season 7-21 and only won 1 game in conference. That is nothing to cheer about Fordham fans. What they needed to say was that this season was in rebuilding mode and this win makes fans sure that more upsets will be here in the future. Celebrate the upset and the storming of the court, but don’t call Fordham champions until they become one…