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Atlantic 10 Pre-Season predictions and awards

October 26, 2010

Preseason Poll (1st place), Total
1 – Temple (19), 350
2 – Xavier (3), 325
3 – Richmond (3), 311
4 – Dayton (1), 310
5 – Rhode Island, 233
6 – Saint Louis, 223
7 – Charlotte, 218
8 – Duquesne, 172
9 – La Salle, 133
10 – George Washington, 130
11 – Massachusetts, 126
12 – Saint Joseph’s, 91
13 – St. Bonaventure, 80
14 – Fordham, 28

First Team
Lavoy Allen, Temple
Kevin Anderson, Richmond
Andrew Nicholson, St. Bonaventure
Damian Saunders, Duquesne
Chris Wright, Dayton

Second Team
Juan Fernandez, Temple
Chris Gaston, Fordham
Tu Holloway, Xavier
Delroy James, Rhode Island
Shamari Spears, Charlotte

Third Team
Chris Braswell, Charlotte
Cody Ellis, Saint Louis
Chris Johnson, Dayton
Lasan Kromah, George Washington
Aaric Murray, La Salle

All-Defensive Team
Lavoy Allen, Temple
Kevin Anderson, Richmond
Dante Jackson, Xavier
Andrew Nicholson, St. Bonaventure
Damian Saunders, Duquesne

All-Rookie Team
C.J. Aiken, Saint Joseph’s
Langston Galloway, Saint Joseph’s
Jordan Latham, Xavier
Rob Loe, Saint Louis
Juwan Staten, Dayton

…I think that these standings are perfect for the preseason. They really illustrate what it will look like at the end of the season. Being a Fordham fan, you don’t want to see them being last but it might end up that way. I really think that Temple, Xavier, and Richmond will lead the pack and get an NCAA bid. But there will be some surprises from the St. Louis, Charlotte, and Duquesne at the end of the year. I really like how deep this conference truly can be. They will once again be a multiple bid league and the recruits coming in year after year are becoming bigger and badder. I really like the direction this conference is going in and can see it being up there with the Big East, SEC, and Big Ten. Two players to look out for if you are into NBA stock is Andrew Nicholson and Kevin Anderson. Anderson has star PG potential and could possibly repeat as player of the year. Nicholson is a huge body inside who can block, rebound, and score. He is the leader for the Bonnies this year and his stock will be looked at by his play this upcoming season. Love A-10 basketball and let’s get it started…