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He’s Baaaaaack!

August 30, 2010

Brett Favre said he will retire from the NFL once in his lifetime. The question is when? The one time Super Bowl champion and 3 time MVP is back for his 20th season in the NFL. The lure of playing in another Super Bowl brought him back to the NFL. 

“As we were driving on that last drive it seemed like it was destiny… for us,” Favre said. “I was so close, so close to getting these guys to the Super Bowl.”

Instead, Favre threw an interception in the final minute of regulation. The Vikings never got the ball back in overtime.

“I owe it to this organization to give it one more try,” he said.

Not that coming back for a 20th season was a simple decision.

“I could make a case for both playing, not playing,” Favre said. “This is a very good football team. The chances [of going to the Super Bowl] here are much greater than other places. From that standpoint, it was always going to be easier [to return]. “Part of me said it was such a great year, it would be easy to say, ‘Hey, can’t play any better, why even try?’ Then the other part is, ‘Guys are playing on a high level. Why don’t I go back out?’ The expectations are high here, as they should be.”

The expectations always are high for Favre, even at 40. He’s the NFL’s leader in nearly every significant passing category and the winningest regular-season quarterback ever.

After staying away from training camp, as he’s done for much of the past two summers, Favre was practicing less than 24 hours after the team sent Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and Ryan Longwell, three of his closest friends, to Mississippi to bring him back.

Favre underwent left ankle surgery May 21, and just a few weeks ago texted several teammates and Vikings officials that he would not return because the recovery was slower than he expected.

But he’s back now.

“There is nothing on me that’s 100 percent. There wasn’t anything that was 100 percent last year or the year before,” Favre said. “The surgery made me a little better.

“I have played 309 straight games, I can’t complain.”

Coach Brad Childress is glad to have him, even with the aches and pains.

“Obviously, Brett was a huge part of what we were able to accomplish last year. That goes without saying. We wanted him back,” Childress said. “It wasn’t me wanting him back, it was we wanting him back.”

Favre’s return to the field came on the one-year anniversary of the day he signed a two-year, $25 million contract with the Vikings.

Childress said he believes Favre when he says he’s done after 2010.

“I believe it. Yes, I do,” Childress said.

The gray-haired Favre turned in one of the best seasons in a terrific career last year, throwing 33 touchdowns and only seven interceptions to lead the Vikings to the NFC North title. He passed for 310 yards and a touchdown against the Saints in the Superdome, but also threw that fateful interception.

After being cajoled by Allen, Hutchinson and Longwell, Favre will have one more shot at redemption and a second Lombardi Trophy.

Even though it was expected that he would be back, the same excitement as last year surrounded his return on Tuesday. Fans clogged Viking Drive, and police tried to control traffic and keep youngsters and television cameras from spilling onto the street.

Last year, Childress picked up Favre from the airport. This year, Longwell was the chauffeur, and fans tried to mob his black BMW SUV as he pulled into the driveway at Winter Park.

“Brett Favre for President!!” receiver Bernard Berrian tweeted.

Even though he will turn 41 in October, Favre doesn’t figure to need much time to get warmed up and ready for another season. He skipped all of training camp last year before unretiring and joining the Vikings. The three-time MVP then delivered a season even he didn’t expect.

He set career bests in completion percentage (68.4); quarterback rating (107.2); and fewest interceptions, while throwing for 4,202 yards.

…Wow! I am writing this blog at the age of 20 which means that he has played football for as long as I have lived. I think that is amazing because he is still playing football at 40 and playing at a high level each year. But what I for one cannot stand is the constant media attention he brings to himself day in and day out. I really get annoyed sometimes especially after what basketball superstar Lebron James went through. But does this move make the Vikings a legitimate Super Bowl contender? I would have to say no because Brett is 40 and coming off surgery and is really not what he used to be. Although he had a great year last year, I think he is going to have a poor year and people are going to be very surprised to see the Vikings not as good as they predicted. The Vikings defense is phenomenal but when you have the injuries on offense like Rice and Harvin, it is going to be hard to compete with the Green Bay Packers. But give credit to the guy, he loves the game of football and he wins year in and year out. Let’s see how #4 does this year again in the purple and gold does on year 20…