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Ochocinco lost his Starbucks card and is more entertainment than game

May 24, 2012


New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco said he was “not trippin’ ” about losing his wallet, credit cards, license and iPod when someone broke into his SUV Wednesday, but was inconsolable about his Starbucks gold card being stolen as well.

“I earned the gold card,” Ochocinco said in a two-minute video posted to his Twitter account discussing his ordeal. “You know how many coffees I’ve had to drink and lemon loafs I’ve had to purchase to get to that gold card? I had $220 left on my Starbucks card. Not just any Starbucks card, but a gold Starbucks card.”

According to the Starbucks website, gold card holders get a free drink every 15 times the card is used; free syrup or soy milk in any coffee purchase; and, of course, a personalized card so the barista will know you by name when you order. Customers need to use their standard Starbucks card at least 30 times a year to upgrade it to a gold card.

“I feel like I’m about to tear up,” Ochocinco added.

Later in the day, Ochocinco tweeted that the mother of one of his followers had found the wallet in Providence. While it contained his credit cards and license, the Starbucks gold card was missing.

The story does have a happy ending, however. Starbucks reached out to him via Twitter and agreed to replace his gold card.

Really Chad! Really? I mean it’s a Starbucks card. I am sure if you go to the next location you can get another one for being a “GOLD” member. Your SUV got broken into and you don’t even care about that. C’mon Man! Chad, you need to get out of the spotlight when it comes to entertainment and start producing on the field with your teammates. Start doing funny things again like touchdown dances and calling out defensive backs week to week. But to go on a tangent on Starbucks cards to get attention. You need another job buddy…